View Full Version : Greetings from Phoenix, AZ

19th August 2013, 16:01
Hello everyone,

I have lurked around E-Budo off-and-on for a long time, mostly going through old discussions, but now that it is under new management I'm hoping it will get a little livelier around here. I have been training in martial arts since the summer of 2006, starting in Shuri-Ryu and judo, and have been hooked ever since. Currently, I train in Shorin-Ryu (of the Kobayashi variety), and just had my first MMA fight on the 10th.

Cady Goldfield
19th August 2013, 17:24
Welcome back, then!
We're already noticing much more activity in the forums since E-Budo was re-booted, so hopefully that will be a trend. Liveliness is definitely encouraged here. Varied and opposing viewpoints, and even heated debates, are encouraged, as long as discussions remain civil and free of personal attacks.

So, go ahead and dive in. Nice to have you here!