View Full Version : Atlanta, USA- Any Koryu schools here

21st August 2013, 15:44
I was looking for koryu schools in the Atlanta area. I am not picky and would be happy with study groups as well. My interest stems from a desire to see some of the kata in real life rather than watching them on youtube. I realise that I may not be shown all of it or may even be refused but it would be nice to have a running list of dojos training in the Georgia area.

I know of two already.
The TSKSR Atlanta group under Sugawara sensei. Links


And the Kashima Shinryu under Friday sensei (although not sure if he is still teaching there as he is supposed to be in Japan when I post this....) Anyone know their contact details?
Their webpages dont really have updated information...or atleast no one responds to those emails...

Any other ryu or ryu-ha that members are aware of in the region?