View Full Version : Test Thread 2

Cady Goldfield
1st September 2013, 20:25
Testing 1, 2, 3.


Looks like no problems starting new thread w/YouTube link.

Tripitaka of AA
1st September 2013, 21:25
There is a setting that forums can use, that prevents new members from posting links until they have made a predetermined number of posts. This is to prevent spamming and drive-by posters who just want to advertise, etc. Perhaps Anders has included this new parameter during the upgrade? If it is this, then your tests will work, but a new member's would not.

Cady Goldfield
2nd September 2013, 01:52
Thanks for the info!
The individual doesn't seem to have a problem now, so whatever the glitch was, it may have been a momentary one.