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23rd September 2013, 14:23
I was at a local fair with the family this weekend and, as old habits die hard, I was scanning the crowd and picked out three really bad concealed-carries in a very short time. What do those who carry concealed do to reduce patterning?

For example, I tend to carry in the-the-belt at about the right kidney, but it's a pain to sit for long periods that way.

24th September 2013, 13:37
My take is this, if one is going to have the responsibility to carry than they must accept all the responsibilities that goes along with it. Like diet and exercise it must be a lifestyle change. For example, if it means one must get a shirt the next size larger so be it. That's what I do. I also don't wear basketball type shorts or shorts with elastic bands. I do wear sweatpants, but I can put an ankle holster on with those. I do the same if I wear a suit to a personal event, like a wedding.
I also don't carry IWB. It's very uncomfortable for me. I did during my UC days, but that was for specific assignments.

24th September 2013, 18:03
I think the term you mean is 'printing.'

I carry exclusively IWB ("inside the waistband") but even then you will print with thinner clothes. An alternative is appendix carry, which is the manner I primarily carry and has a tremendous amount of benefits, but even my 19 is uncomfortable there for long periods of time.

A smaller gun is also a good way to go. Even those will print, though.

Tony long time no read!

Joseph Svinth
24th September 2013, 19:55
The people you saw may have wanted you to see that they were packing. Look at me, I'm bad.

If you're trying for honest concealment rather than a fashion statement, then you probably need to sacrifice accessibility. A kangaroo pocket on a mountain parka can work for cooler weather.

If at the beach or when speed isn't really an issue, then external carry gives you all kinds of options. For instance, if you have little kids or grandkids, put a plastic-bagged .380 into the diaper bag. Nobody's likely to snatch a diaper bag or pick its pocket, and security won't do a very thorough hand inspection. Going to work? Then put it in your backpack, along with your IPad and lunch.

If money is no concern, note that H&K used to make a nice attache case carry for an MP5. Point the case at the target and pull the external trigger. The only time it didn't work was when you forgot to take the safety off before closing the case. That happened to the H&K factory rep I saw demonstrating that particular gizmo.

Brian Owens
29th November 2013, 02:52
...What do those who carry concealed do to reduce patterning? ...I tend to carry...at about the right kidney, but it's a pain to sit for long periods that way

There are always a number of compromises one must balance: firepower versus concealability, speed versus comfort, etc. Sometimes just moving the holster an inch in either direction can keep the butt from sticking out, one of the biggest causes of print-through.

In your case, if you sit more than you stand you may need to move your piece to the 3-o'clock position or a cross-draw position to avoid becoming a regular at your chiropractor's office.

I was carrying a compact Sig-Sauer pistol, but I recently got a sub-compact Ruger LC9; less firepower, more concealable. I still have both, so I can choose based on conditions.

I was carrying the LC9 in a DeSantis Sof-Tuk (http://www.desantisholster.com/store/SEARCH-BY-GUN-MANUFACTURER/RUGER/lc9-w-crimson-trace-lg-412/inside-the-waistband-holsters/sof-tucktm) IWB holster. I like it because the clip can be repositioned to allow various carry positions. Recently I got the Sneaky Pete (http://www.sneakypeteholsters.com/) OWB holster, which although not well-concealed is still discreet. So, I have options there.

When I was a protection driver I carried in a right-handed shoulder holster even though I'm left handed, because shooting right handed is the best option in the event one needs to shoot through the driver's window/door (in left-hand-drive countries). I train regularly, and back in the day qualified "Expert -- Either Hand" in the AFQT, so that was a viable option for me.

Lastly, how bad is a little print-through? In my case, I don't need "undercover operator" concealment, I just need "don't scare people" concealment.

So, lots of options; you just have to pick the one that best fits your needs at the time.

Brian Owens
29th November 2013, 03:19
...back in the day qualified "Expert -- Either Hand" in the AFQT...

I just went online and discovered that AFQT doesn't mean now what it meant then...or at least what I seem to recall it to have meant. I wasn't referring to the Armed Forces Qualification Test (what was called the ASVAB in my day), I was referring to the Air Force (small arms) Qualification Test from the Security Police Academy.