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12th October 2013, 20:25
It is with profound sadness and deep regret that the Koshin-ha Chito-ryu Karate-do Association wishes to announce the passing of James Davenport, Hanshi. Living and teaching in Frankfort, KY, Davenport Hanshi held the rank of Kudan in Chito-ryu karate-do. His death occurred on Friday, October 11 while training in Nara, Okinawa. He is survived by his sons Shawn and Ransom, daughter-in laws, Ashley and Sharon and grandchildren, Chase, Annabelle and Justice. The association wishes to extend our condolences to his family, friends and students. Our organization has truly lost an irreplaceable member, instructor and friend.

A highly skilled karate-ka and widely regarded instructor, Davenport began practicing Chito-ryu Karate in 1970 under Sensei George Van Horne. In 1984, Sensei Davenport took over the teaching duties of the Frankfort Dojo. In 1985, he joined the army and served as a Counter Intelligence Agent in the 11th Special Forces Group. Over the years he has trained with a large number of senior martial artists from numerous styles as well as having taught Defensive Tactics to many police officers and military personnel. In 2004 he, along with several other Chito-ryu senior teachers formed the Koshin-ha Chito-ryu Karate-do Association. Until his death, he served on the Shihan-kai and Shibu-kai Executive Committees. On September 23, 2006 he received the rank of Hachidan (8th Degree Black Belt) from his teacher one day prior to his teacherís death. In 2007, he received the title of Hanshi. In 2009, he was promoted to Kudan (9th Degree Black Belt) by the All-Japan Seibukan Martial Arts Association.

A memorial service is being planned and we will provide that information as we receive it.

27th October 2013, 20:36
Very Sorry to hear about Sensei Davenport. My heart felt condolences to his family, friends and students.