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13th October 2013, 23:27
If I may recommend a good friend of mine who as of a few years ago decided as a hobby to start making kobudo weapons.
Let me tell you I highly recommend his weapons. I've been doing kobudo for as long as empty hand and handled everything from crap to Shureido.
His are just as good as Shureido's if not better and won't break the bank.
His site is www.shushinkobudo.com. His name is Dave Williams.
A while back I brought a pair of kama and Friday he came up to our camp and I purchased two more weapons.
I attached some pics for your viewing pleasure.
Kama; cocobolo, Eku; Ash, Nunchaku; Mexican Ebony.

5th November 2018, 19:50
We purchased 8 Eku from Shushin Kobudo; 7 in maple and 1 in Granadillo.

The dimensions are close to Shureido Eku that I have.

Craftsmanship is top notch, grain is straight, and finish is flawless on all.

Like most of my wood weapons, I will be pairing down the dimensions for the fit and balance that best suits me.

For the quality, wood selection, price and order fulfillment, these can't be beat!