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28th October 2013, 02:04
Teaching Okinawan Karate in San Diego (Carmel Valley neighborhood) to adults and teenagers (http://fullpotentialma.com). Full Potential Martial Arts accepts students ages 14 and over. Training is rigorous, and promotes fitness, health, and self defense.

Classes are taught in a beautiful dojo, and encompass three main tenants: kihon (technique), kata (forms) and kumite (partner work). The atmosphere in the dojo is very warm and friendly, with students helping each other progress in the martial arts. Both empty hand and weapon training is taught, and all ranges are covered -- far range fighting and defenses, melee range fighting and defenses, and ground fighting and defenses. Full Potential Martial Arts also teaches wooden weapons such as the bo (staff), and escrima, as well as bladed weapons such as knife and sword.

Free martial arts classes to San Diego (http://fullpotentialma.com/classes/free-martial-arts-trial-class/) residents, are available on a trial basis. Out of town visitors are welcome too!