View Full Version : Koryu in Alaska?

2nd November 2013, 06:29
Is anyone aware of any koryu teachers in the Anchorage, Alaska area?

I'm fairly certain that currently the answer to this question is none as I've searched through all the normal methods. However, in the hopes that someday a koryu teacher moves to Anchorage... perhaps they'll see this thread.

-Matthew Krueger

2nd November 2013, 20:28
The only things I know of in Anchorage are kendo, iaido, and Yoshinkan aikido. I've not heard of anyone in that area that teaches koryu, although I don't know what type of iaido Ando sensei at the kendo club teaches. You should contact him and ask him about it.

2nd November 2013, 20:46
Thank you. I will do that. I can actually see their location from the window by my work desk.