View Full Version : Richard Kim Techu no Kata

len mccoy
12th November 2013, 02:09
I recently purchased a used copy of Richard Kim Sensei's "Kobudo Okinawan Weapons of Chatan Yara"". It was volume 3 of a kobudo series he published in 1987. I suppose it was a good book by the standards of that day. Photos and short descriptions of kata and a few Zen type stories. Anyway this volume has Chatan Yara no Sai Dai and Sho, but also has a techu kata (techu are similar to kanzashi or jiffa) which is simply referred to as Techu no Kata. I haven't been able to find any history of this kata. Also the techu kata on you tube have portions similar to Kim Sensei's kata but aren't the same kata. Just thought I would see if any of Kim Sensei's students follow this board or if anyone else is familiar with this kata. Anyone know anything about it's history? Thanks in advance, Respectfully, Len McCoy