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Nathan Scott
22nd November 2013, 18:41
Hi all,

I just had a quick question about a "sumo" exercise I learned as a kid studying judo. For some reason it stuck with me, and I've always been curious about it. Our judo teacher said it was a sumo exercise that was also useful for judo (we played with sumo a bit too for fun).

Don't know if it has a name, but basically two opponents stand in jigotai with the same foot forward (ex: rt and rt), then both take a standard judo grip (collar and sleeve grab), or, counter-grab each others forearms. Both then push, pull, lift, etc (no strikes) in an attempt to throw the opponent, but without moving either foot. The first person to be thrown or move a foot loses.

Although a simple exercise, it teaches adaptability to incoming forces, rooting, manipulating reactions, and the principles of kuzushi.

So is this just a kids exercise, of does anyone know whether or not this type of training is derived from / incorporated into sumo?


Cady Goldfield
22nd November 2013, 21:57
Sounds kind of like teppo, but with a partner.
But what it really sounds like to me, is a very old exercise (I don't know the name) that was structural training for absorbing and propelling force while controlling and hiding one's own center of mass and gaining control of the opponent's center of mass.

Nathan Scott
23rd November 2013, 05:37
You could run the exercise like partnered teppo, and it would be interesting, but what I'm referring to is something different.

The rest of what you said sounds right though.