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11th December 2013, 15:37
The UK’s first ever Kokusai Nippon Budo Kai (KNBK) seminar takes place in April 2014, offering 12 hours’ of traditional Japanese Sword training with world-renowned instructor, Carl Long Hanshi-Ho, Chairman and 22nd So-Shihan of the KNBK.

The two day event, held in Margate, Kent, is open to all, whether an experienced practitioner or someone looking to get a taste of this historical Japanese martial art.

Jason Hulott, Event organiser says: “We are very excited to have Hanshi-Ho Long leading this two day, hands-on practical seminar, which we hope to turn in to an annual event. Hanshi-Ho Long is the senior most and highest ranked student and the KNBK designated successor to Hanshi Shimabukuro.

“We already have bookings from delegates from across Europe and this promises to be a great opportunity to learn and share in this time honoured Japanese Swordmanship”.

For more information, visit: http://www.knbk.eu/ai1ec_event/uk-knbk-seminar/?instance_id=10

Contact: Jason Hulott, Event Organiser, enquiries@kentiaido.co.uk, call 07940 521056 or visit http://www.knbk.eu/

11th December 2013, 17:51
> Carl Long Hanshi-Ho, Chairman and 22nd So-Shihan of the KNBK.

Using the term 22nd (who were the other 21) gives the utterly false impression he is somehow a successor to the line of Muso Jikiden Eishin ryu headmasters when in fact he is actually only the head of the organization his teacher Shmabukuro created, the KNBK. It's false advertising at best.

18th December 2013, 23:15
According to their web site, Mr. Long is successor to the late Shimabukuro sensei of the Masaoka line of MJER that is part of the present KNBK. Not being an MJER historian myself, I can't speak to the validity of that claim. Your remarks are inappropriate here though, where the original poster was simply repeating what was stated. If you believe you have evidence to back up your statements, then I suggest you start a thread about it in the sword arts forum. If not, then I recommend you apologize for your ill advised comments.