View Full Version : Manifestations of "Peng"."Houkei" in Japanese and Chinese Internal Martial Arts

Cady Goldfield
25th December 2013, 16:58
Some interesting comparative clips of how "peng" ("houkei") -- a product of internal body method in which a specialized structural manipulation and unification of the body produces unusual structural strength and stability, and "spherical" force -- is expressed through different vehicles such as Shioda Gozo's aikido/daito-ryu and Sam F.S. Chin's I Liq Chuan (a contemporary art drawn from traditional Chinese internal systems).



Cady Goldfield
13th March 2014, 17:26
This good essay from Chris Li, with a lucid comparison among different arts' exponents of internal power and aiki, of "peng jing." Note the universality of the concept of "The Six Directions."