View Full Version : The Power of the Hip Joints & Alignment

Cady Goldfield
30th December 2013, 17:22
Thought folks would enjoy some details on the use of the hip joints (and inguinal fold area) -- called the "kua" or "kwa" in Chinese, and "mata" or "ko" 胯 in Japanese -- and of body alignment, in the generation of internal power and stability. The presenters, Lan Tran and Raj Singh, are internal-arts practitioners in the Philadelphia, PA area.


Carina Reinhardt
30th December 2013, 19:24
Thank you Cady for sharing this interesting video, although we train in a different form in our dojo, there are some similarities, like we always use the body as a whole, arms close to the body and flexed, never rigid, like if we would hold a bokken, our weight down like if we would half sit on the edge of a chair. And the push into his center.

9th January 2014, 15:49
Hi Cady.

Thanks for posting a very interesting video.
My knowledge of Chinese systems is very limited, but what was shown transfers into the principle movement of the Karate style that I practise, which is Wadoryu.
In fact at 6'.20" into the video the technique shown is akin to Wado's Nagashi uke, coupled with the movement of Irimi (entering).
This combined we call sen no sen - defend and counter in one move.

Thanks again, really great stuff.