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Cady Goldfield
4th January 2014, 01:11
How many times have you heard that? ;)
Relaxing the shoulders allows you to use them as a conduit to send the force you create by the manipulation of your structure to draw in or propel out. Combining that with the flow of non-resistance to uke's push or pull, you can do some very interesting things.


4th January 2014, 19:26
Thanks for posting. Interesting to note in Okinawan karate where on the surface is known as a hard style one of the key components that gets stressed during karate is to relax the shoulders. If anyone seen video r has trained extensively in it you see the sensei hit the student on the shoulders.

Cady Goldfield
4th January 2014, 22:21
Hi Tony,
Thanks for your comment. It's no surprise, since some of the Okinawan karate systems, notably Goju-ryu, have a connection to the Chinese internal martial arts; specifically, White Crane. Goju-ryu is reputed to be "hard on the outside, soft on the inside."