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23rd January 2014, 16:36
I thought about posting this in the Koryu section, but realized that there really isn't any question about the meaning of rank in any of the koryu I'm familiar with. It's only a question in gendai budo. So, what is martial arts rank? For me it represents a person's responsibility to the art, and not a comparative measure of skill or ability or victories. My full thoughts are at


I am being ridiculously idealistic, or does this make sense?

Carina Reinhardt
23rd January 2014, 18:02
Hi Peter,
Very interesting and thoughtful your article, thank you.
As for the question I agree with you, for me it is also a responsibility, to my Sensei first because he promoted me, to my senior dojo mates who helped me to learn and grow in the art and to the newbies who want my help to learn. I think our beautiful martial art Aikido should be spread and made known to anyone who likes to learn, leaving clear that it is not only about physical training, but equally important or even more, the mental part, it is not about winning, but about controlling a situation, if we must lose for that it is also good, as my Sensei remarked in last class.

24th January 2014, 13:24
Interesting article and a good read.

Thank you for posting.