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Guy Buyens
28th January 2014, 21:55
INOUE Tsuyoshi Munetoshi (1925-2014): 18th soke of Hontai Yoshin-ryu passed away today
Inoue soke started to train in “Kodokan” judo at a young age but has been also very active in other gendai budo like kendo and especially jukendo, in which he obtained excellent results (member of the best team in the Japan national tournament and twice second place in national individual competition.He also mastered several iaido styles, and other kobudo.
Inoue was a direct student of KANAZAWA Ichizo (one of the most distinguished students of the 16th soke, Kakuno Hachiheita). who later sent him to train with MINAKI Saburo (17th soke). Inoue received Menkyo Kaiden in 1971, and in 1982 he was designated successor to Minaki soke.
He established the Imazu Juyu-kai in 1948 and later succeeded to unite different budo schools to form the Imazu Budo-kai (which still exists). He has always made it his priority to motivate the youth of the Imazu district in Nishinomiya city and he also opened the school to Western students.
In 2005, INOUE tsuyoshi Munetosh, 18th soke, commissioned his son the soke status.
We are grateful to INOUE Tsuyoshi Munetoshi, 18th soke, for all his advice, his devotion but also his example of true budo spirit that we consistently had the chance to observe throughout the years.