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Gareth Del Monte
9th February 2014, 10:03
Some words from a guy who has been there done that and shot the guy who bought the T-Shirt!
Combat Mindset
Negative thoughts and overcoming Fear.
Overcoming Fear
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9th February 2014, 11:34

Check out his first book, in particular, as well:


Gareth Del Monte
9th February 2014, 13:11
Thank you Sir,
I have seen it and heard about it,but have never read it.
If I am not mistaken it deals a lot with Leadership within the Spec.Ops Community.
Under you recommendation I will definitely get it.
I also find Mr.Dave Grossman's books very informative.
The 2 that stood out for me was "On Killing"and"On Combat"
His audio on "The Bulletproof Mind" is also great!
Keep well Sir,

Gareth Del Monte
9th February 2014, 13:39
"The BulletProof" Mind.

9th February 2014, 15:57
I would also recommend Rory Miller's books as well.

9th February 2014, 16:58
I personally think you are much better off supplementing Howe's stuff with Kyle Lamb and Ken Good.

In my experience, that is.

Gareth Del Monte
9th February 2014, 18:38
Thanks Guys,
Will definitely look into it.
J.Kelly McCann's(Jim Grover)material is always great as well.
His Combatives for Street Survival Book and DVD that goes along with it,as well as his "Inside the Crucible"Series is great!
Also good DVD on Collapsible Baton.

Gareth Del Monte
9th February 2014, 18:44
If you like Ken Good,here is his Tactical Shotgun DVD.
Frank Cucci(Ex DEVGRU) stuff is OK if not a bit on the "Sports Based Martial Arts Side"
and Paul Vunak's stuff can come in handy as well(a bit outdated).
Sorry for going a bit off topic as the last 2 links are unarmed combat skills.

10th February 2014, 02:51
Also good DVD on Collapsible Baton.

Does it show the asp bending across a subject's thigh and having zero effect? Cuz that's what actually happens with them....:(

I meant Ken's book:


Two other MUST HAVE books are Cooper's Principles of Personal Defense and Pentecost's Knife Fighting Techniques from Folsom Prison. The latter is the only realistic book on knife I've ever seen.

Gareth Del Monte
10th February 2014, 04:38
Thank you for the info.
Will definitely check it out.Another good read is a book called Defensive living by Ed Lovette.
Mr.McCann does go through a variety of batons at the beginning of the DVD and explains which are best and which are...well..lacking.
He does say that the ASP Range is great.I was thinking of getting one.
After your comment,well,not so sure any more.LOL
Keep well,

Gareth Del Monte
10th February 2014, 05:15
Hi Guys,
Have any of you guys read "How to shoot like a Navy SEAL.."by Chris Sajnog,
or "The Modern day Gunslinger"by Don Mann?
What are your thoughts?
Thank you,

18th January 2015, 22:10
I know I am a little late to the show, but I second what Kit stated regarding Howe, Lamb, and Good. I use to be a big Dave Grossman fan until I went to one of his seminars. Too many platitudes, sheeps and wolves, I really wasn't impressed. Personally I found Adm. Stockdale's writing's regarding his captivity as a POW in Vietnam very edifying.


20th January 2015, 17:13
Greg- thanks for those!