View Full Version : Kenjutsu seminar at the delaware budokan. April 19, 2014

Black and Blue
17th February 2014, 17:36
On April 19th I will be holding a seminar for the introduction of Nihon Kenjutsu.Topics covered will be proper grip, cutting, and one and two man exercises. We will also work on the Heiho/Strategy of Hitotsu-No Tachi or Sword of One. It begins at 10 am and runs till 4pm. The cost is 30.00$ Please Contact www.delawarebudokan.net
Philip M Scudieri
US Director of Kobu-Do
Zen Nihon Sogo Budo Renmi
E.North American Rep Edo Machikata Taiho-Jutsu
8th Dan in Kenjutsu
8th Dan in Kobu-Do
Certified by the All Japan Governing Board for Budo
Kyoto Japan