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25th February 2014, 06:46
Hi every one, Are there any self-defense tactics I can use without receiving specialized training?

Brian Owens
25th February 2014, 07:15
Most people can run, although not always well. Without at least some training, though, many people will freeze until it's too late to run.

Joseph Svinth
25th February 2014, 08:27
Say "please" and "thank you," and sound like you mean it. This includes with the relatives. (Many shootings involve domestic violence.)

Don't get caught dating married people.

Don't borrow money from friends, relatives, or the mafia.

Limit or avoid drugs, alcohol, and gambling.

Don't flip off other drivers when they cut you off.

When in public, watch your mouth, and keep your prejudices to yourself.

Tripitaka of AA
25th February 2014, 20:30
Don't go to places where bad people are.

Don't get lost.

Don't lose your sobriety.

It seems to have worked for me.

Cady Goldfield
26th February 2014, 00:09
The best self-defense is to avoid potentially dangerous situations as much as possible.

Always be aware of your surroundings, and be alert.

Don't wear headphones or be otherwise distracted by texting or looking at your cell phone, when you are out and about.

Stay away from dark alleys, and if necessary walk in the road and not too close to buildings, parked cars or other large structures or objects that a potential attacker could hide behind.

Don't be distracted by a stranger who suddenly comes up to you and asks you questions. He may have an accomplice waiting to pick your pocket or attack you while you are distracted. Be polite, but be alert.

25th March 2014, 07:13
If your main goal is to be able to defend yourself, I suggest you to first take some basic training in self defense. There are plenty of training centers that provide guidance. Further more you can also join martial arts class leesburg, va (http://plus.google.com/113119679458020845105/) that provides adavance training in different forms of martial arts like taekwondo, Kick boxing, etc.

25th March 2014, 09:27
It has already been said in different words. The need for physical self defence represents three levels of failure on the spectrum of personal protection:
Your awareness sucks, your readiness and skill in avoidance sucks, and your de-escalation skills, verbal and non verbal, have escaped you. It is a failing in most current martial arts that they prepare people to fight losing battles. By the way even if you win you still need to be able to escape (or explain) in a way that continues to protect you.
Training in awareness includes at least living in Code Yellow, knowing where you are, what you are doing, what your body language and clothing says about you in the environment you are in, etc.. Avoidance skills also need thinking about, turning around at the last moment when confronted by a potentially threatening group is like shouting, "please hunt me down", so how do you avoid when your awareness has failed you, etc.
Anyway the point is if you really want to protect yourself don't just practice fighting arts, go much deeper.