View Full Version : Miyako Tanaka, Naginata Hanshi (1942-2014)

R A Sosnowski
29th May 2014, 00:38
On behalf of ECNF (East Coast Naginata Federation), we extend our heartfelt sympathy and condolences to Sensei's husband, family, students and friends.

Sensei's dedication to Naginata is well-known - her support to the fledgling ECNF in the late 1990's put us on a solid footing, and we will be forever in debt to her.

She shared her knowledge of both Atarashii Naginata and Tendo Ryu with us, and I feel the great burden to faithfully pass on all that she taught.

Many of her lessons were by example, especially in how she persevered after her diagnosis last year.

I believe that she has left us with many fond memories and experiences - these we will cherish and share.

These are very trying times for USNF - loosing another sho-go within 2 1/2 years - but we will persevere; our legacy is to write the next chapter of the USNF and build on everything that has been given to us.

With deep sympathy,
Raymond Sosnowski
Capital Area Budokai's Director of Naginata
ECNF President
ECNF Representative, USNF Board of Directo