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Nathan Scott
15th June 2014, 01:10

I've decided to opt-out of moderating here at e-budo. It's been an interesting 8 years for this forum, and I know I've learned a few things, but I think it's time to let someone else take a whack at moderating here.

FWIW, my intent here was to collect the existing threads about polearms from the other forums and provide a place to archive credible non-sensitive information about these arts, which in turn might provide an atmosphere that would attract members of these arts to feel as though they could post here without being ambushed with the typical nonsense and inner-teaching harvesting of other forums. I believed these benefits far out-weighed the value of discussing subjective matters of individual skills, or, exposing the inner teachings of these arts, both of which are well known to result more times than not in misinformation and flame wars than productive discourses. In any event, my stepping down will allow the new owners the opportunity to use this forum how they see fit.

Thanks to everyone for the opportunity and for your participation here.

Carina Reinhardt
15th June 2014, 08:21
Hi Nathan

It's a pity, because from what I know, you were a fair moderator with a great knowledge. I hope even we won't have you anymore as moderator we still will enjoy your knowledge. Thank you for your time and good luck.

16th June 2014, 01:42

Thank you for your hard work and dedication.

For what one persons opinion might be--I think you did precisely what you set out to do.

Will you still be posting etc. as a member? Always enjoyed what you had to say.

Nathan Scott
16th June 2014, 03:33
Carina and Chris,

Thank you for your support. I appreciate it.

While I'm hoping to focus my free time catching up on my own notes and research, I don't plan to move into a cave just yet! I'm sure I'll post from time to time, but probably won't be checking up on the activities here very often. If either of you are ever in Los Angeles please feel welcome to drop me a line here via PM.