View Full Version : "Aiki as a concept- why all the fuss?" temporarily off-line

Cady Goldfield
26th June 2014, 17:24
Hi folks,
The "Aiki as a concept- why all the fuss?" thread has been taken off-line temporarily, pending the resolution of both some issues with content and some technical issues. Apologies for the inconvenience.

1st July 2014, 13:53
I for one contributed a couple of serious, well documented posts to this thread and would like to see them restored immediately. Cull what you will of what is inappropriate but at least restore what was not.

Lance Gatling

P Goldsbury
1st July 2014, 21:28
Hello Lance,

There are some technical issues with the forum software and we are planning a forum upgrade to v-Bulletin 4.2.2. The thread is a very good thread and has been edited. It will be restored as soon as the technical issues have been resolved.

Best wishes,


Cady Goldfield
27th July 2014, 14:17
The thread is back online, with the relevant content intact. It is now located in the Aikido and Internal Power Historical Perspectives forum.