View Full Version : Synchronicity 2015: Aikido for All: 9-12 Nov 2015 Jersey

Carina Reinhardt
19th July 2014, 08:51
Nine teachers signed up for Festival led by
Shioda Yasuhisa Soke, son of Shioda Gozo Soke and Founder of the Shioda International Aikido Federation,
Quentin Cooke - 7th Dan (UK),
Roisin Pitman - 5th Dan (Jersey),
Molly & Jeramy Hale - 4th Dans (USA),
Detlef Raduntz - 4th Dan (Germany),
Ole Kingston - 4th Dan (Denmark),
Magali Chambenoit - 2nd (France)
Lydia Zijdel - 2nd Dan (Netherlands).

In November 2015, the 9th through the 12th, there will be an Aikido training event on the isle of Jersey. Jersey sits in the channel between England and France.

This event is inclusive, meaning, besides the usual able-bodied practitioners, there will be some of us participating who have various disabilities.

More Information http://www.synchronicity2015.com/