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19th July 2014, 22:42
Does anyone know of any quality dojos in Valdosta, GA?

21st July 2014, 21:24
No I don't. I have a friend originally from Valdosta. He was one of my son's trainers and coaches. He was a Georgia State Champion in Wrestling and a successful pro MMA fighter. If you can't find good karate you might want to check it out. If I was 20 years younger and in Valdosta that is probably what I would do. I'm a Karate guy also but my Philosophy is you find the best teacher and I put more weight on that as opposed to what the name of the discipline is, but that is just me. I know some really good Karate-ka but they are a lot further north. There is some fine Karate near Columbus. Also North and Northeast of Atlanta.

Jon trained here I would give it a look if I could not find a good dojo. Jon's fundementals and submissions are excellent.


21st July 2014, 21:42

Not exactly sure what you are looking for but at least it isn't some sort of made up hunky dunky ryu.

Valdosta State University Karate Club
Green T. Waggoner, Instructor

1503 E. Park Ave, #G-10
Valdosta, GA, 31602



Good Luck