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28th July 2014, 01:58
Hi folks.

I'm looking for suggestions on videos that illustrate the potential of internal strength/internal power training to people who have no previous exposure to that sort of thing, to Taijiquan, or to internal arts.

Demonstrations of forms, push hands, and the like are not suitable, as the uninitiated will have trouble seeing what's going on.

I'd particularly like at least one example of an elderly or small person resisting a powerful push from a bigger/stronger partner, but anything that clearly shows the potential for internal development.

All suggestions most welcome - YouTube, Vimeo, your own, etc.

Many thanks.

Cady Goldfield
28th July 2014, 02:52




29th July 2014, 01:56
To illustrate the potential of internal training, I like to first show something like this:


Followed by this:


4th August 2014, 02:51

Seriously not trying to start an e-fight. But to me the TC vs MMA stuff looks like a set-up.

And I say this as a guy that got a real beat down from a Taij exponent once.

4th August 2014, 02:55

Not sure that "resisting a push" shows that much "internal power"---just a matter of balance and body mechanics. Now if that is what you are talking about then just call it "balance and body mechanics."

Calling it "internal power" esp in regard to "elderly...or small people" tends to give the impression of non measurable abilities......IMO.

4th August 2014, 18:31
[T]o me the TC vs MMA stuff looks like a set-up.

What I heard(*) was that this particular video was from a demonstration, not an actual match. For the purpose of illustrating the potential of internal training I still think it's good because it shows Chen Bing:

- resisting an opponent in a relatively freeform, non-stylized/non-patterned fashion;
- resisting someone who is bigger & more muscular than he is;
- and throwing someone around in a way that showcases his strength more than his technique.

It's hard to find good videos of internal movement/strength for people who don't know what they're looking at. As an aikidoka, [this video of Akuzawa] (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=snYlMC6gUoM) blew my mind when I first saw it, but I don't know how impressive it would be for the average person.

(*) This being the internet, who knows if it's true or not.

6th August 2014, 07:24
Thank you all for the recommendations. They have been most useful.