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Sheree Adams
5th November 2014, 17:36
Hi there,

I'm looking for someone who makes weapons racks (bo, sai, tonfa, kama, etc). If anyone know of anyone, please email me.

Sheree Adams

5th December 2014, 15:04
To my knowledge no one makes weapons racks for other than pole arm type weapons, either free standing or wall mounted (as in sword racks). It is customary for most practitioners to construct their own, and their will vary depending on your weapon collection, the space you have to store them, your living situation, etc. Send me a PM and I will send you some pictures that I have found on the net of various weapon racks, which should give you an idea of hopefully what you may have in mind.

3rd January 2015, 00:27
Hi Sheree,
I Just came across you post
You can try David Williams at Shushin Kobudo:

He has some weapons racks on his site, may be what your looking for: