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len mccoy
17th November 2014, 23:14
The Tsuki-no-kata thread made me think about Yantsu. I see a lot of Kyokushinkai sites lump it in with the Shorin kata (Pinan, Kwanku, Gojushiho etc.). Performing however one inevitably gets the feel it is much more Nahate. I think might have started because it sounds a little like the the Shorin kata Wansu, but in terms of execution it is not even similar. A number of years ago I wrote Nakamura Sensei (of Seido Karate) who I knew at one time was a senior student of Mas Oyama Sensei and he wrote me back that Yantsu was a creation of Mas Oyama Sensei. By the way at that time I was and still am impressed by Nakamura Sensei probably one of the worlds most famous karateka for taking time to reply to an unknown in the karate world like me. Anyway I recently saw in Wikipedia that they said Yantsu originated in a branch of Shito Ryu. Any thoughts?
While we are at it does everyone feel Garyu is definitely Mas Oyama's creation?
Len McCoy

18th November 2014, 10:39
Hi Len,
Let me look up what Steve Arneil has to say about it's origins (in his kata book) and get back to you. I'm fairly certain it is not a Mas Oyama creation, whereas I think Garyu is. Again I will check what my book says when I am home tonight.

18th November 2014, 19:44
quote from book.....

It is said that Motobu Choki founder of "Motobu-ha Shito-Ryu" created Yantsu which was later developed further under the leadership of Shogo Kuniba who integrated the power of karate with the sensitivity of Aikido and other traditional Martial Arts. It is not clear whether Yantsu was further developed by Kuniba who was said to have applied his knowledge of other Martial Arts to the bunkai of karate kata. However, what is known is that he made very creative techniques, which became his personal hallmark and also developed a specific style for self defense.

19th November 2014, 13:16
Garyu (again a quote from my kata book)

This kata is the creation of Sosai Masutatsu Oyama and is not taken entirely from traditional Okinawan Karate. The name translates to "Reclining Dragon", Lying Dragon" - a dragon lying in ambush, and "Giant Dragon" depending on the characters used to form the word. It is also stated that that the word Garyu refers to a great man who remains in obscurity.
Garyu was the pen name given to Sosai Oyama in the early days of his karate journey. One can clearly see that some techniques and stances used in this kata were Sosai's most favourite and rather hard to master.