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R A Sosnowski
19th November 2014, 18:42
From my sempai:

"Dr. Marion M. Taylor of Shuuko (Longevity Tiger) Kyudojo of Amherst, Massachusetts, died of brain cancer the evening of Monday, November 17, in hospice. Marion was the longest living student (by age) of Kanjuro Shibata Sensei XX, who gave the name Longevity Tiger to the practice in Amherst. Friends and students of Marion were with him at the time of his death. Please tie your kake strap in reverse (if you want) to remember Marion for the next 49 days. May the great warrior of few words and powerful practice take with him all our love and appreciation for his presence among us and for his perseverance in the practice of Kyudo.
~Vivi Spicer
Miyako Kyudojo
Washington, DC, USA"

From 1997 through 2001, I attended many Kyudo Intensives in VT, NY, MA & MD; I'd always look for Marion.

He was one of my first instructors, and one of my mentors. He was instrumental in teaching me how-to-teach.

Along with fellow Kyudoka, Phil Ortiz of NYC, we twice did a simultaneous 3-form kyudo embu at the Guelph School of Japanese Sword Arts (2000 & 2003) - what thrilling experiences (I recently came across old tapes of those demos); I would assist them in the kyudo workshops there.

I and many others will miss him greatly; we carry his lessons with us, and, in turn, impart them to our students.

Black and Blue
27th November 2014, 16:55
Ray, I had the pleasure of working with you and Marion on several occasions and he was a true inspiration to us all.
He will be missed!
Phil Scudieri