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10th December 2014, 18:16
...Dallas, Texas to be specific. New e-budo member. Sought out this forum because it was mentioned in an article I was reading on koryu. Besides japanese bujutsu, specifically kireru iai, I like keeping aquariums (both the flora and fauna of the amazonian biotope, but I like to mix in other species and plants from siam and japan as well). I like all things star wars. I come from a long line of carpenters, and enjoy woodwork a lot. My workshop is full of projects, mostly from neighbors who bring me things to "please fix". I'm going to carve a new tsuka handle in January. I also like aquatic sports, rock climbing, and most of all: spending time with my family.

I'm hoping with great yearning that I'll be able to get into a koryu here locally. I visited their dojo last week and they said it's not for everyone. Well, I'm not everyone, and I really loved what I saw. It felt right. It "fit". I plan to dive in and start working hard if I'm given the chance.
So hello everyone. :wave: I look forward to learning all there is that is available here. I love to learn.

11th December 2014, 20:19
Hey Tommy,
Welcome to the forum (as well as to the dojo!). e-budo has a great wealth of interesting conversations from some very prominent practitioners. Use the search function and you'll be surprised at the amount of stuff out there.

Feel free to post any questions you can't find answers to through search!


12th December 2014, 01:33
thanks for the warm welcome! I've been practicing a lot. My kids love to sit and watch. we have one large room with a high ceiling that works very well for practice.