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mr phil
14th December 2014, 21:55
After being away from Martial Arts for a long time due to Raising a family and other obligations I am grateful to return. I am also truly grateful that I have a Quality Sensei so close. I have begun to study and practice Kenjutsu . I look forward to visiting the forums here. I have much to learn. Life is good. Thank you.

Cady Goldfield
14th December 2014, 23:03
Welcome to E-Budo!
We hope you'll enjoy reading and participating on the forums, including the sword arts forum in our koryu section.

15th December 2014, 00:01
Hi Phil,

I'm in MD also. Who are you training with? Welcome aboard.

mr phil
15th December 2014, 19:36
Hi Christopher

Hanshi Philip Scudieri at Delaware Budokan near Fenwick Delaware. Here is a link to his site http://www.delawarebudokan.net/ . I had trained in Karate with him about 20 years ago but as I have been away from it since. Now I am studying Kenjutsu and enjoying it very much. Thank you for the warm welcome.

Luis Alcaraz
23rd December 2014, 19:45
Hello, welcome! And happy Holidays!