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Crazy Aido
10th January 2015, 13:10
Hi guys.I've already introduced myself and asked quite a few people this question, so for those of you that have already been pestered on this point, I apologise and please feel free to ignore this. I have been practicing koryu budo for about a year and a half now and I've been enjoying every moment of it. I am greatly interested in the naginata and will ideally begin training in it within katori shinto ryu in the near future. I am looking to see in there is anyone in Ireland who may be training in koryu naginata. If there is not a person in Ireland, then I am attempting to source people around Europe who may be training in these ryu-ha, with the hope of possibly making arrangements to travel in the near future. There is not the availability of koryu training in Ireland as there is in other countries in Europe, so I understand this is a request that will likely not be met, but I still feel obliged to make the attempt. If anyone can help, I would be most grateful. Aidan O'Reilly.

15th June 2016, 05:24
Hello Aidan,

The closest naginata federation to you is located in the UK (http://www.naginata.org.uk/) or you can inquiry with the European Naginata Federation (http://www.naginata.org.uk/).
Hope this helps.

Ellery Engalla
East Coast Naginata Federation

Crazy Aido
15th June 2016, 11:42

Thanks for your response,I've been in contact with a few of the various naginata trainers in Europe. I am now happily travelling for koryu practice!