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12th January 2015, 02:21
Hello all,

So I attempted making my first pot of chankonabe a little while ago. For those that don't know chankonabe is the rich stew that sumotori eat every day. It is packed full of meats, seafood, tofu, and vegetables. It is in either a soy, miso or salt broth. In normal sized portions it is a healthy meal and great on a winter night. Mine had a soy and Marin broth with beef and tofu and some very nice veggies. There are dozens of recipes online. Just thought I'd share.

12th January 2015, 07:04
Looks great Chris! I've always wanted to have a go at making chanko nabe

12th January 2015, 13:54

Thanks! You should give it a go! It was very easy to make. I used bokchoy, daikon, carrot, and shiitake mushrooms for my veggies. For the broth it was a mix of soy, mirin, and water to taste. I browned some beef and firm tofu cubes, added the broth and veggies and let it cook until it was done. Mine had a flavor like sukiyaki which was very awesome. The wife has gone vegan recently for health reasons (although she doesn't mind if meat touches her food or anything) so she got most of the tofu and I got the beef. Good deal for me. I think next time I will cut back on the mirin since it was a little sweet or use a miso broth and add some enokitake mushrooms and maybe some Chinese cabbage to it. After all the meat and veggies were gone I threw some udon in the broth to finish it off. I see why rikishi fight so hard now; they want to get higher ranks so they can eat chankonabe sooner and get more ^_^

Todd Lambert
13th January 2015, 02:25
From the stable hosting current grand champion Hakuho comes this recipe.


13th January 2015, 14:16

Thanks for the link! Sumoforum is another really great forum. Some of my tegata are in Nishinoshima's tegata collection page over there because I bought a few from him. It seems like every heya has its own special chanko. I've noticed a lot of heya are making chicken meatballs these days. I wonder if it is a recent thing or not? The former professional rikishi and now ama-sumotori Byamba showed how he made chankonabe and he used chicken meatballs, too. The meatballs are a lot more in-depth than the simple stew I made but sound awesome! I might give them a try next pot I cook.