View Full Version : Iaido Dojo near Billings Montana?

22nd January 2015, 00:51
Hello All,
I was just very curious if anyone knew of a Dojo near Billings, MT U.S.? I have done some Jujitsu in the military along with some Judo as a child. But for six months now I have been working with a friend to learn the basics of Iaido...sadly he's had to move and I NEED somewhere to train. If anyone can help me I'd appreciate it. Iaido gives me such peace. Thank you!
Joshua B. Voyles

2nd July 2018, 19:27
I do realize this is from some time ago(the search for Iaido training in Billings MT). I do not teach Iaido, but train in Toyama Ryu in Billings.