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24th January 2015, 12:44
Hello all,

For those who don't follow sumo closely sumo history has been made! The Mongolian born Yokozuna Hakuho has just become the great sumo wrestler in modern history by winning his 33rd Emperor's cup yesterday Jan. 23rd, 2015. The previous record was held by the great, half-Japanese half-Ukrainian Yokozuna Taiho. Taiho won his 32nd Basho back in 1971 and no one thought his record could ever be beaten. Chiyonofuji came close in the 1980's with 31 tournament wins but wasn't able to tie or beat Taiho's record. This past November Hakuho tied the record at 32. Yesterday Hahuko sealed his 33rd tournament win with a record of 13-0 by beating Ozeki Kisenosato. It was a tight match and both men fell out of the ring at the same time forcing a rematch that Hakuho owned. Hakuho defeated Yokozuna Harumafuji on the 14th day and only has Yokozuna Kakuryu left on the last day of the basho to seal another perfect tournament record. He also currently hold the record for most perfect tournament records at 10 (again beating Taiho and Futabayama who each had 8). If he wins his 15th match this basho I think it would be a perfect ending for such a great Yokozuna! You can watch the match that gave him his 33rd tournament win here at the 10:25 mark: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lhVtsdJ50g8


24th January 2015, 16:46
That was awesome!

Cady Goldfield
24th January 2015, 17:00
That was a great match/re-match!

25th January 2015, 17:55
In another record smashing tournament Hakuho, already the greatest Yokozuna in history, won his 11the zensho yusho or undefeated tournament. It wasn't from lack of trying on the part of his rival Yokozuna Kakuryu either. This guy is on fire and he is only 29! Some people have speculated we might see as many as 40 Emperor's cups from him and more 15-0 records. If the great Raiden were alive today I bet even he would fall to Hakuho!!!!!

Cady Goldfield
25th January 2015, 22:49
If the great Raiden were alive today I bet even he would fall to Hakuho!!!!!

That's a mighty big statement, there. lol
But I might just agree!

18th February 2015, 01:26

For those who have never seen one here is a copy of a sumo banzuke. The banzuke is a ranking chart that is published a few weeks before each basho. It shows the name, rank and hometown of every single rikishi from the newest wrestler at the bottom (in the super tiny font) to the Yokozuna at the top (in the largest font). Each rikishi is divided into either the east or west. It also lists referees, judges, ushers and even hairdressers. They have been publishing banzuke since the mid 1700's. Many other sports, arts and crafts have been ranked into banzuke in imitation of the sumo banzuke. During WWII swordsmiths were ranked on a banzuke. In the Meiji period gekken (kendo) players were put onto banzuke. Wiki even shows a late Edo era banzuke for Onsen (bath houses). Anyway, this banzuke is from the January 2015 basho where Hakuho won his 33rd Emperor's Cup. The gentleman I got it from also sent me the Jan. 2014 banzuke as well. Banzuke are sent out by each heya to supporters and fans as small gifts. They are popular collector's items with fans.


22nd February 2015, 18:42
I usually prefer to watch the small, feisty even scrappy rikishi who struggle for every win. But I have to say, Hakuho is a pleasure to watch. Good for him!