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10th May 2015, 13:58
I trained in Shorinji Kempo for 4 years at Glasgow University from '78, then aikido and shotokan. Then various CMAs until I settled on Practical Tai Chi Chuan. Ironically I joined to post on a discussion hinging on shorinji kempo and tai chi only to find it closed. Late to the party as usual. I'll be in the kitchen with a bottle.

Tripitaka of AA
10th May 2015, 17:24
Welcome aboard Robert. That thread went more than a little off-topic, which was frustrating, but the drift did produce some interesting angles. Perhaps your input could be turned into an interesting new topic; but try to find the best sub-forum to put it in. We love a good thread in the Shorinji Kempo forum, have you got something for there?

10th May 2015, 18:06
Cool. It would be interesting for me as I learned what CMA call "weight jin" from an SK sensei* but I'm not sure if he learned it in SK or his CMC tai chi. First I'll probably have to remember some technique names - most of them I think were in the nidan syllabus as I was his preferred juho crash dummy - not for my skill sadly but my lack of pain response while he got the technique right.
I have fond memories of SK and taught a stripped down version with a little boxing to friends and family looking for a quick self-defence course.

BTW I was saddened to see the notice of the passing of Russell Jenkins - I met him a couple of times at Littlehampton - a nice guy.

Victor Chan from Singapore who learned it from Benny Wang from Malaysia.

Cady Goldfield
10th May 2015, 22:44
Welcome to E-Budo, Wudang.
You might also find the forum section on Internal Power/Aiki to be of interest, as it covers topics of internal training, the history and potential connections between China and Japan in the transference of internal training methods, and other related subjects. Because of the nature of internal training and its origins, cultures and martial traditions other than Japan's may also be discussed there.