View Full Version : George Irénius, Sweden, founder of Ju shin Jutsu Ryu.

4th June 2015, 17:52
George Irénius born in 1929, founder of Ju shin Jutsu Ryu passed away 20130531.
George or "Jojje"as he was called amongst friends and students started his training in the Japanese fighting arts in the 40´s. He was one of the pioneers in Sweden as he took part in creating the Swedish Judo federation (later renamed the Swedish Budo federation). He also was one of the founding members of the oldest budo-club in Sweden- today called "Sankt Eriks budoklubb" in 1957.

Educated as a flightengineer and working for the Swedish military, he traveled a lot and got the opportunity to seek knowledge abroad aswell as in his homecountry. He studied ju jutsu under students of Swedish legend Viking Cronholm, karate under masters such as Chojiro Tani, Mitsusuke Harada, Yoshinao Nanbu; Judo under Kenshiro Abbe, Soubriar, Gerhard "Dick" Gosen and many others.

To the end he continued his education in the arts and often attending the dojo instructing junior students aswell as the senior instructors.

He has left us, his students, in great sorrow, but with great knowledge as his legacy for our continued development in life.

Cady Goldfield
8th June 2015, 21:19
Deepest condolences to his family, students and friends.

24th June 2015, 16:38
Deepest condolences to his family, students and friends.

Thank you, Ms. Goldfield.