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25th July 2015, 10:13
Firefighter takes down robber with knife: aided by a solid wrestling background and Marine Corps close combat training. Very nice work:


Tripitaka of AA
25th July 2015, 11:03
It is a great video. My untrained eye saw:- he was co-operative and compliant, took a moment to assess the risk and then acted decisively and effectively. I don't know exactly what he did, but it looked like he was in control of the assailant and the weapon very quickly and did not put himself or anyone else in positions of (increased) danger.

One thing I thought about later... did he know for sure that the idiot robber was acting alone? If there had been another equally stupid robber standing by the door, it could have left him open to an attack from above and behind. Mind you, the robber must have had extremely poor judgment in the first place, so having a friend along to help was probably not an option.

All in all, a job well done.

25th July 2015, 20:24
Looks like it was a modified harness and he got an overhand control of the knife hand. He certainly did exploit the element of surprise!

Very good point, of course, regarding a second robber. Perhaps a few more moments' assessment to determine there is not in fact another guy (like in a car outside as the getaway driver, very common).

He does the right thing by maintain top control. Allows him to keep his eyes up - relatively - and should a second robber present, he could readily have disengaged from the dominant position he had to retain maneuverability.

Tripitaka of AA
25th July 2015, 20:55
I should have declared in my earlier post:- if I were in the video, I would be cowering behind the cereal packets three aisles away crying for my mummy. I would HOPE to be the marine, but I'm pretty sure I'd be nothing remotely like him. Deserves some recognition and praise. But I hope he gets that already for being a firefighter. Puts his life on the line to help others every day.