View Full Version : Aiki Arts Seminar with Yoshihito Shibata in Burlington, Vermont August 8-9, 2015

Cady Goldfield
1st August 2015, 05:41
Yoshi Shibata, a teacher of aikido and aikijujutsu, will teach an aiki arts seminar in Burlington, Vermont.

Seminar Schedule:
Saturday Aug 8 10am-4:30pm
Sunday Aug 9 10am-Noon

Vermont Aikido
274 N Winooski Ave, Burlington, Vermont 05401
(802) 862-9785


Cady Goldfield
13th August 2015, 14:06
He will also be in Portsmouth, New Hampshire this weekend (8/14-15-16):

Portsmouth Aikido
620 Peverly Hill Rd, Portsmouth, New Hampshire 03801

(603) 275-1262

Call or e-mail for details.

14th August 2015, 13:06
Hello Cady,
We don't know each other. I teach aikido in the Netherlands and also lead an ILC study group. I'm curious if you have shown this clip to Sifu. I have demonstrated some of this material to Joshua who found it very interesting but I have not had a serious talk with Sifu directly. In ILC language this is a reasonable demonstration of maintaining neutral on the POC and also wha.t some in aikido would refer to as kokyu ho. It is still a shame however that these sorts of clips do not explain enough of the relevance of the Shen Fa to give a bridge to a martial function. For me it is the same as seeing the 3 planes of movement with a compliant partner, hard to understand ,but easy to feel the why and wherefore. I have worked with Akuzawa and Dan Harden over the years but my exposure to ILC has begun to cement certain ideas about aikido as an internal art that have been forming for the last 10 years.
(I'm a bit slow, must be age related ;-) )

Cady Goldfield
14th August 2015, 16:00
Hi Alec,
I recognize your name from all of our interconnected martial arts training and internet forums. :)
While I don't believe that Sifu Chin has seen this specific clip, he has seen videos of Yoshihito Shibata (whom I know through Facebook/internet but have never met). In fact, I remember us watching one of Mr. Shibata's videos on Sifu's laptop once, at his house during a master class.

Also, your post would make a great discussion topic in the Internal Power and Aiki Concepts forum, so when I have more time I will move your post there and start a new topic with it, if that's okay.

14th August 2015, 18:59
By all means, Cady, even though I don't have much faith in Internet discussions as a means of serious dialogue.

Cady Goldfield
14th August 2015, 20:31
By all means, Cady, even though I don't have much faith in Internet discussions as a means of serious dialogue.

So true. But I am hopeful (perhaps naively so) that some level of productive discussion will ensue.