View Full Version : Teruo Chinen, memory eternal.

9th September 2015, 20:49
Teruo Chinen age 74 has passed.

Son of Seisho Chinen and grandson of Matsu Chinen of Shuri-Te, grandnephew of Masami Chinen of Yamani Chinen Ryu kobudo and one of the few remaining students who learned directly from Miyagi Chojun and student of Miyazato Sensei of Goju Ryu has passed away.

This one hurts.

9th September 2015, 21:20
Deep respect.

Cady Goldfield
10th September 2015, 00:22
Thank you for posting this.
I am moving it to the E-Budo Memorial forum, but will leave a link here.

11th September 2015, 01:35
So very sorry to learn of this Ed. My condolences to you and your organization.