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Cady Goldfield
17th October 2015, 04:54
A new, authorized study group for Hontai Hakkei Ryu Aikijujutsu is forming in Massachusetts, under the supervision of Salahuddin Muh'min Muhammad, the head of the system. The group, Hontai Hakkei Ryu Aikijujutsu of New England, is currently considering training locations in Boston's Chinatown or in another easily accessible community within the Metro Boston area.

Hontai Hakkei Ryu is a system founded by the late Okazaki Shuji, who was a longtime Daito-ryu student of Yoshida Kotaro (a direct student of Takeda Sokaku); a judoka who explored Kosen judo and Fusen Ryu; and also a student of a number of koryu, notably Takagi-ryu and Kukishin-ryu. Salahuddin Muhammad is the sole teacher of the art in North America. He is based in Philadelphia, with study groups in New York City and several other locations.

For more information or to contact a representative, please refer to their page on Facebook.


Cady Goldfield
11th March 2016, 00:15
Salahuddin Muhammad Sensei, head of Hontai Hakkei Ryu Aikijujutsu, is visiting Boston from March 18-27, 2016. During that time, he will be teaching the students of his New England study group and also will be available to teach private lessons.

Practitioners of any martial art or system interested in exploring the internal Japanese martial arts, feeling authentic aiki, and experiencing the relevance of this multi-faceted, neo-classical art to modern-day martial applications, are invited to inquire about a private lesson with Salahuddin Sensei. Inquiries about observing a class and joining the Boston-based New England study group are also welcome, and may be directed to the group's Facebook page, as can inquiries concerning private lessons with Salahuddin Sensei: