View Full Version : Small-Movement Aikijujutsu Demo by Salahuddin Muhammad (Hontai Hakkei Ryu)

Cady Goldfield
9th December 2015, 03:28
Some interesting small-internal-movement work from Hontai Hakkei Ryu Aikijujutsu.


11th December 2015, 13:40
This video clip also shows some internal (and subtil) movements performed by Mr Eric Pearson. Interestingly, this knowledge comes from Matsuda Hosaku Toshimi a student of Takeda Sokaku, apparently starting in year 3 of the Showa era (1928) and getting awarded a kyoju dairi in august 1929.

Like Yoshida Kotaro, the life of Matsuda is not very well known except for the fact that he taught Daito-ryu to the founder of the Hakko-ryu Jujutsu. He apparently succeeded in passing on his knowledge which is a great thing.

The video shows among other concepts, the "ageru/sageru" one.


Cady Goldfield
19th January 2016, 23:45
Salahuddin Muhammad's art was taught to him by Okazaki Shuji, a direct student of Yoshida Kotaro, who in turn got his aiki from Takeda Sokaku.

20th January 2016, 16:04
Yes, I remenber you mentioning it on another thread. I think it is great to see that Yoshida Kotaro´s skills have been successfully passed on to the next 2 generations.

It seems that the Matsuda line (see the above video on my previous post) is also still active even though they seem to have a smaller following as opposed to others organisations.

The material proposed by those two lines, all of them having a direct connection with Sokaku is very, very valuable and I think that this is a great new for the Japanese Budo in general and the small world of Daito-ryu in particular.

It also casts light on some comments allegedly made by Sagawa Yukioshi on the gentlemen (Matsuda and Yoshida) in transparent power. Judging by the videos, it really seems that they got more than just the surface from their studies with Sokaku.