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6th January 2016, 15:41
I just had my first Kendo class at DFW KIK (north Dallas area) and really enjoyed it. It was overwhelming, exhausting and inspiring. Both the teachers as well as the students were very helpful and encouraging. I am 58 with a martial arts background but have been out of formal training for a long time...but I kept up and felt good about that and also felt I accomplished something and made a good start. Tomorrow night is Iaido and Sunday is a mixed session. I am sore and yet very excited. I can certainly see how this could become a way of life and life long practice. I purchased my knee pads, a Shinai and a Bokken. I will wait a couple of weeks before purchaing a Gi and a Hakama set. My goal this year is to learn the basics in both Kendo as well as Iaido and be fully equipped with a Bogu set and Iaito Katana by the end of the year. I hope I am spelling and saying all of this correctly. I will start a practice diary to help retain information from each class. I just thought I would post this to the group. Have a great year and feel free to share any words of advice you might have for an old man beginning the practice of both a new, as well as an ancient art form.

Cady Goldfield
6th January 2016, 19:04
Hi Wilkes,
Congratulations on starting your journey in kendo. Sounds like a rigorous class, so you might want to pace yourself and don't try doing too much, too soon.

I am moving your thread to the Gendai Budo forum, as it is more appropriate there than in the "Budo Store." Not sure why we don't have a Kendo forum on E-Budo, but I'll look into that.

6th January 2016, 19:32
Thanks Cady. I will take it slow and not sure how I posted on the Budo Store forum...I am still learning my way around the site. Have a good week.

P Goldsbury
8th January 2016, 11:31
We have opened a new sub-forum for kendo, so I have moved the thread here.

8th January 2016, 16:48
Welcome to the world of kendo. I hope you enjoy it and stick with it.

Tripitaka of AA
9th January 2016, 02:56
stick with it.

I see what you did there!

9th January 2016, 03:41
Thank you all very much. I have so much to learn...I just hope don't stick it to me too hard in class...

Cady Goldfield
9th January 2016, 04:29
Hey, we created this new Kendo forum just for you. So, you'd better "stick" with it. ;)

Tripitaka of AA
9th January 2016, 09:13
Yes, don't be shinai, just be bogu and tell us what you think. Kiai wouldn't want you tabi holding back or anything.

.. I'll get my coat....

10th January 2016, 22:01
We're here (in class) every Tuesday, Wednesay and Thursday...please tip your waitress.
Bogu Bing, Bogu Boom !!!

11th January 2016, 16:34
Oh my, that was painful guys!
It says something non-complementary about me that I liked it though. :)