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13th January 2016, 17:13
This maybe more of an Iaido question, but here goes. I am a beginner and in our warm up exercises we practice the fist move of the first Iaido kata, first a forward strike, then a strike 90 degrees to the left, then 180 degrees...and then I get lost. We practice in a circle so it is hard for me to follow along and I am also a little overwhelmed by the amount of detailed information I am receiving. Can any one help me out on this, or is this maybe something that is unique to our group?
Thanks for any words of assistance

13th January 2016, 17:52
Hey Wilkes,
I'm afraid warm up exercises are going to be unique to your group. The Toyama ryu group that I've practiced with does something similar, but with ten cuts in each of the various directions. Our Mugai ryu group does not do warm ups as a class, you are expected to be warmed up and ready top go at the start of class. The best advice I can give you for warm ups in a circle is to watch the guy directly across from you, but keep in the front of your mind that you need to go in the opposite direction from him since he's facing the other way. Don't stress too much about it, as it will become second nature with repetition.

Also, writing down what you remember of it immediately after class will help to cement it in your memory. It may also give you a chance to ask someone about what you don't remember so you can fill in the blanks.

13th January 2016, 18:08
Thanks Paul, that is what I thought but was trying to fill in the blanks in my notes. Class is going very well, we have a great and very helpful group...there is a lot of years experience in there.

Brian Owens
16th January 2016, 07:17
Greetings, Wilkes.

If you're having trouble keeping up, or are feeling lost, talk to one of your seniors before or after class; he or she may be able to give you some extra help. Other than that, just keep doing your best with the understanding that you're not expected to know everything being practiced at your stage on the path.

16th January 2016, 14:08
Thank you Brian. I've got to say that both the instructors, as well as my fellow students are the most helpful people I've ever met. I have really enjoyed my first several weeks of training and I look forward to my continued training.