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18th January 2016, 17:34
My name is Juan. I am training Ninpo, and hope I can learn from all of you.
Thank you.

19th January 2016, 14:56
Hello Juan,

I don't come here often, but when I do, there doesn't seem to be any activity in the Ninpo and Ninjutsu section. Though to be fair, I find that forums in general have declined in overall usage as folks have gone to social media sites such as Facebook. It is a shame as I really enjoyed the information exchange forums used to have for the X-kans.

There is still plenty of activity in some of the other sections here that you may find beneficial.


Cady Goldfield
19th January 2016, 15:12
Welcome to E-Budo, Juan.
I agree with Hank Recor that internet forum usage overall has been declining, largely due to switch-over to social media; however, E-Budo remains as a resource for anyone who still wishes to converse on various aspects of the Japanese martial arts. If nothing else, we have almost two decades of archived material, and many questions one might have may already have been answered in past discussions. ;)

Please feel free to contribute your own ideas to the forums, and to ask questions. You never know who might stop by.