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13th March 2016, 15:31

J. Takagi (1927–2016) passed away on 5th March 2016. Since 1995 he served as the director of the new Shōtōkan in Tōkyō, Japan, as well as the board chairman of the Nihon Karate-dō Shōtōkai. Among other things it is owing to him that the stick (bō/kon) traditions of the historic Shōtōkan (1938–1945) survived within the Shōtōkai.

In 2011 his main work on karate was published, “Karate-dō Yōtei” (“Important Points on Karate-dō”).

Attached you can see a photo which became quite famous in the Western world. It shows J. Takagi with a side kick and T. Kase (1929–2004) with a jumping kick:




Henning Wittwer