View Full Version : Second Annual Comparative Aiki Friendship Seminar, Philadelphia, Sept 17, 2016

Cady Goldfield
25th July 2016, 21:21
When: Saturday, September 17 at 10 AM - 4 PM

8801 Torresdale Ave / NFF Boxing, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 19136

Tuition: $75 for the day

What: At this seminar Salahuddin Muhammed Sensei of Hontai Hakkei Ryu Aikijujutsu will demonstrate weapons as they relate to striking and waza application.

At this special event, you will experience effortless receptions of force that lead to subtle changes in the attacker's body structure. We will cover wonderful technical expressions, including rare locking, choking, and throwing combinations. Learn to apply any aikijujutsu waza against fast unpredictable punching combinations, and make your mokuroku waza more subtle and applicable.

This seminar is open to all. Students and practitioners of the aiki arts will find the material particularly relevant, but what we will be covering is useful and applicable to just about any martial discipline.

Feeling is definitely believing!

PLEASE bring training Bokken, Jo and Tanto.

Any questions can be directed to Paul Zavislak of Seishinkan Aiki Budo:

22nd August 2016, 19:08
Is the "Melinda Davidson" post above just spam?

Or is the seminar way more in-depth than advertised? I've been to a lot of seminars, none required that I hand in a thesis. :)--there should be a "smiley face" here.

Cady Goldfield
22nd August 2016, 19:31
Yes, it was spam and a spammer. Both removed. Thanks, Chris.

22nd August 2016, 21:22
Cool, for a second there I was thinking that things had really, really, changed at seminars.

The stress of learning new things added to the stress of having to do an in-depth academic paper about them would be too much for me handle. :)--also supposed to be a "smiley" face here.

Cady Goldfield
25th August 2016, 20:32
Coming up in a few weeks! This seminar will include internal/aiki body punching, deflections, weapons, structural material, and more. Anyone in aikijujutsu or related aiki arts, and anyone who trains in weapons to enhance their skills, will get a lot out of this seminar.


Cady Goldfield
6th September 2016, 00:21
Here are snippets from some of Salahuddin Muhammad's videos on deep internal striking, and internal weapons applications, to give an idea of some of the concepts and material to be covered in the seminar.




Cady Goldfield
14th September 2016, 20:41
The seminar is this Saturday, Sept. 17! There will be a lot of internals/aiki work demonstrated, in pragmatic applications. If you're in the Philadelphia area this coming weekend, don't miss this event!

8801 Torresdale Ave / NFF Boxing, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 19136

$75 for the day

Cady Goldfield
17th September 2016, 01:44
NOTE: This seminar is being postponed and rescheduled. Please watch for future announcements.