View Full Version : My/Our personal protection.

15th September 2016, 01:06
Two German shepherds and a local dog. Three guns. A large assortments of blades, taser, CCTV.

If somebody got close enough and was not armed with a gun would I use what I have learned in Budo? Of course. But it is 2016. Here and now they will even use crystal meth to hype themselves up before an assault.

Do we feel threatened? Not in the least. Just precautionary measures.

15th September 2016, 15:13

Are you still living in the Phillipines? Rurally?


15th September 2016, 17:42
You sound well prepared to me!

17th September 2016, 12:35
I'm a huge fan of well trained dogs as part of home protection. I have two dogs, a Pekingese and a Lab-Pitbull mix. The Pekingese is a little slow and not as aware of things (she does okay but she could do better) but the big dog is very alert. The Lab-Pit mix is also rather intimidating and great for scaring away solicitors.

Maybe it is a bit romantic of me but I feel like having a dog is a very human thing to do. There are a few things that we as humans all seem to identify with at our cores and living with a dog is one of them. Nearly every culture has bred dogs for companionship and to work along side us at various tasks. It just seems natural that a dog is part of home defense.

22nd February 2018, 10:06
Sounds very safe to me! The dogs are just the initial protection. I think German Sheperds are very loyal and make good guard dogs but a bit hard to maintain especially if they are aggressive around other people other than you.