View Full Version : Makiwara training

26th September 2016, 16:04
Hi all, i've been looking around for a makiwara and being as I have never trained with one have never actually pushed that "buy" button.

I'm very keen on developing the whole "iron body" into my training but am clueless as to how and in what way.

can anyone recommend a good book?

I find that ashi waza from judo kills my shins and want more strength there and after being Uke for a fantastic sensei at a seminar a few months back I was amazed at his iron bar like arms! his blocks hurt more than my punches would have - if it takes the rest of my life I'd love to get to half of that level.

any guidance would be fantastic. I'm not really after purely iron like fists, i'd like the whole body workout maybe having a "fist day" and "leg day" like I would in the gym

Brian Owens
27th September 2016, 05:48
I haven't seen it in decades (I sold my copy long ago), but if I recall "Karate: The Art of Empty Hand Fighting" by Hidetaka Nishiyama and Richard C. Brown had a section on training methods that included makiwara. Back in 1971 or '72 I made my own makiwara by cutting an eight-foot long 4X4 redwood fence post diagonally along its length and burying 3 feet of it in a rock-lined hole in my back yard. I padded it with a folded towel tied on with a thin line top and bottom. I worked fine, and I never saw a need to buy anything special.