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20th October 2016, 03:04
Further facts and comments regarding KOSHIKI HISTORY IN AUSTRALIA, ITS PIONEERS, NOTEWORTHY CHAMPIONS, ADMINISTRATION OFFICIALS AND COMPETITORS are welcomed in this sub forum. The following are the last two posts carried forward to this new sub forum…..


Thank you for the update. Yes totally agree on your comment re correct facts. There seems to be some misinterpretation/confusion regarding Nigel Sensei's 8th Dan grading.

He stated on Social Media on the 7th July ...... Sic "During my recent grading examination under Hanshi Patrick McKean 10th Dan, the kata I performed was Kudakano Seisan". "Buki-ho from my recent grading test (Gorin no Jo - clavical, jaw, forearm, bicep, sternum, bladder, pereneal, femeral, tibial and superficial pereneal strikes, or high middle and low attacks from defensive tactics)".


Congratulations to both Jim Griffin and Tony Fletcher of the Shorinjiryu Koshinkai Karate Australia in representing Australia at the 30th Shorinjiryu Shinzen Kyokai Karate tournament in New York recently.

Jim Griffin 7th Dan Kyoshi, and Max Estens 7th Dan Kyoshi are the Chief Instructors of the Shorinjiryu Koshinkai in Australia. Both Jim and Max were students of Hanshi Phil Hooper 9th Dan (IRKRS), and Hanshi Scott Brown 9th Dan (IRKRS) respectively. Both Phil and Scott were notable National and International WKKF Koshiki Champions & Pioneers of Koshiki.

Jim Griffin Kyoshi was a consistent WKKF Koshiki fighter in Australia during his younger days, and it’s wonderful to hear him still competing in these events, his first in 25 years placing 2nd in kata (Kusanku Dai) and 1st in Weapons. The tournament was hosted by Hanshi Myron Lubitsch 9th Dan in New York.

Tony performed splendidly also, placing 4th in Kata and 2nd in Weapons. Particularly, Tony demonstrated his adaptation of the Shishiryu no Bo kata, using the eku (oar) that he has worked on for the past year.

Other notable Karateka at the tournament included Kaicho Watanabe Shunji 9th Dan Hanshi, a direct student of Hisataka Kori. Watanabe sensei is the head of the Shorinjiryu Kenyukai Watanabe-Ha Federation.

Again, thank you for the information & congratulations Jim and Tony.

Jim Griffin
30th December 2016, 22:43
Thank you Matt, it was a wonderful experience to cometer again after such a long time.

I was heavily involved in Koshiki in Australia from the early 80's as a fighter , official and executive member, a member of the Australian Koshiki Association which is still the only incorporated association although I don't think it is still active today. I was awarded life membership around 1997. I believe many tournaments under Koshiki rules are still run in Australia but none under the original association (I could be corrected on this).

I remember then Shihan Pat McKean being involved in the Australian Koshiki Asscoiation and had a brief tenure as National President in the 90's. After the split from Hanshi Hisataka by Australian Shorinjiryu Karate and the Australian Koshiki Association in 1995, Shihan Pat McKean was expelled from the Australian Koshiki Association unanimously by an AGM as he had been appointed by Hanshi Hisataka to head up a new Koshiki in Australia. The new regime wasn't very effective as most Schools still supported the Australian Koshiki Association lead by then President Warwick O'Brien. I remember Hanshi Hisataka promoted Shihan McKean to 7th Dan Koshiki in 1994 in Tokyo. There are still Koshiki rules tournaments in Australia, mostly in north west NSW and SE Qld. run by Kyoshi Clint Chaffey etc. in NSW plus Shihans Rene Roggeveen and Mike Jordan in SE Qld.
I first saw Nigel Mcreaddie at a Koshiki tournament in Brisbane in the early 2000's (I think) not as a competitor or official but as a spectator. I have no Prior knowledge of his participation in any Australian Koshiki tournament in any capacity prior to that first meeting. (although i didn't attend every tournament held in Australia during the period of my involvement between the early 80's and the mid 2000's). I met him again at the Oceania tournament in 2012 where he received a promotion the 5th Dan Koshiki (I think) by Hanshi Hisataka.

3rd January 2017, 00:21
A breath of fresh air and inside information comes the sub forum’s way via Jim Griffin regarding Koshiki in Australia.

Jim Griffin, now a karate Kyoshi 7th Dan has been involved from the inception of WKKF Australia Koshiki, and a direct student of Phil Hooper Hanshi 9th Dan.

Thank you for information regarding previous posts. We welcome any further information you’d like to provide.

Matt White.

26th January 2017, 01:27

As stated by Australian Koshiki pioneer Kyoshi Jim Griffin, AKA is still the only incorporated Koshiki association in Australia. Agreed there are many karate groups in Australia using anzen bogu and koshiki rules in their competition system, however these groups are not members of the Australian Koshiki Association.

Shihan Scott Brown 6th Dan heads the Shorinjiryu Kenkokan in Australia from it's headquarters in Tokyo Japan, and Jim Griffin 7th Dan Kyoshi (Qld), with Max Estens 7th Dan Kyoshi (NSW) are the Chief Instructors of the Shorinjiryu Koshinkai in Australia. Both these groups utilise the anzen bogu within their respective shorinjiryu styles during their training, as well as their koshiki tournaments, and are pioneers of Koshiki in Australia (AKA).

Please note that this Sub Forum relates only to the mainline Australian Koshiki Association history in Australia, it's pioneers, noteworthy champions, administration officials & competitors. Those outside the AKA considering to rejoin can forward their expression of interest via this sub forum for consideration by those former executive members in authority.

Looking forward to your next post.

Chris Green
1st November 2017, 09:34
As a Karate Instructor and former Koshiki competitor, I'm wondering what affiliation AKA has with WKKF, Hanshi Hisataka, etc. I was lead to believe that Hanshi Hisataka cut all ties with AKA when Pat McKean left. We are looking to rejoin a competition system.

Thank you

Chris Green
1st November 2017, 09:45
Hi Jim

With regards to your comments above, the new Koshiki regime under Hanshi Pat McKean was very effective. We kept supporting his tournaments until the early 2000s. There were always 150+ competitors at the tournaments coming from Dubbo, Orange, Newcastle, Tamworth, Inverell and Bowral. Other places I'm sure but my memory fails me.

We were avid supports of Koshiki during the 1990s and 2000s but I cannot recall ever meeting you or hearing of you. I do recall Scott Brown, Nigel McReaddie, Ian Pollet and Jeff Triash during these times

I was also at the 2012 Oceania Tournament where Nigel received his 7th Dan from Hanshi Hisataka. There were a few Shorinjiryu guys wandering around in red & white belts but I don't think they had any students competing

30th November 2017, 05:59
Yes, a good question. The AKA and WKKF affiliation commenced about 1978 via Masayuki Hisataka in Japan and Laurie Vanniekerk in Australia. It was mostly the Queensland Branch of the Shorinjiryu Kenkokan under Shihan Phil Hooper which resigned in 1995 from Shorinjiryu Kenkokan in Japan to persue another direction in Shorinjiryu.

The AKA was not affected by this, as Shihan Scott Brown was appointed Australian Chief Instructor of Shorinjiryu Kenkokan following Phil’s resignation, and continued promoting WKKF via the AKA. As Jim stated in a previous post Pat was expelled (reasons unknown) by the AKA committee.
There are several karate organisations out there utilising Koshiki competition system today. Contact one of them for further inquiries regarding joining their organisation.

After some time Pat again became involved with Australian Koshiki. He helped referee at the World Championships in the Blue Mountains, Sydney in 2000 and he also performed an uncommon ritual suicide/sword demonstration at the event with his student to the amazement of the audience. Pat was National President for a term or so, but please be aware many others were elected President over the years.

Following the 2000 WKKF event, Pat drifted away from the (AKA) Koshiki scene in Australia following an incident.
It is not uncommon for individuals to hold Koshiki Tournaments outside the AKA to promote their own club, but these tournaments are not sanctioned by AKA. So there is no dispute about Pats 150+ competitors/tournaments leading up to the early 2000’s. They were his own private club tournaments. You would not have met the main leaders (including Jim) and committee members of AKA, nor would you have heard of them at these tournaments, as they were not there, nor were the tournaments sanctioned by AKA.

Going through the DVD and photographs of the 2012 Oceania and Shorinjiryu Kenkokan Reunion in the Gold Coast many of these leaders of AKA/WKKF were at the reunion, seminar and tournament including Masayuki Hisataka, Scott Brown, Hiroshi Hisataka, Masamitsu Hisataka Graeme Bowden, Jim Griffin, Max Estens, Steve Fekete, Roland Gill, Des Paroz, Clint Chaffey*, Nigel McReaddie*, Nick King*.

Many other former AKA committee members had long since retired from AKA and obviously were not there. Photographs and DVD show there were many Shorinjiryu fighters and officials (36) at the tournament. There were 3 Shorinjiryu teachers at the tournament wearing red and white belts. Yes, looking at the photographs Nigel did received WKKF Dan recognition from Masayuki Hisataka for his service to WKKF (a lovely photo of Nigel with Hisataka sensei and Brown sensei).

Perhaps Jim can provide any further information directly, as the information I have stated has been provided to me by other officials. Further facts and comments regarding AKA KOSHIKI HISTORY IN AUSTRALIA, ITS PIONEERS, NOTEWORTHY CHAMPIONS, ADMINISTRATION OFFICIALS AND COMPETITORS are welcomed in this sub forum. With respect, let’s give Pat a break for a while so we can discuss other worthy individuals.

14th December 2017, 01:45
“Thank you for compiling a very interesting discussion regarding Koshiki in Australia. I see you have listed Scott Brown as a "Champion" of Koshiki. When I was competing in Koshiki in the 80s and 90s, I remember Scott Brown being at quite a few tournaments as a referee or official. I was curious as to his actual Koshiki tournament experience.

Also, I remember a lot of turmoil from Australia Koshiki Association. Then Hanshi Hisataka and WKKF deregistering or cutting all ties with this organisation. Is it correct that Hanshi Hisataka then transferred all support to Pat McKean, Scott Brown and the new organisation? And then the old AKA group, no longer had international recognition, so what happened to them?”

Perhaps Grant Brechney who is a personal student of Scott Brown can update you/us in some detail regarding Scott Brown’s Koshiki tournament experience. It is well known though that Scott was a Koshiki champion may times, having won 1st, 2nd or 3rd placings at national and international tournaments since the late 1970’s.

As stated in a previous post, the notable Australian National and International Koshiki Champions Graeme Bowden, Phil Hooper, Scott Brown, Chris Kleise, Gordon Kleise, Richard Bryant, Dave Holmberg, Paul O’Donnell and Geoff Harrison, Anne Bowden and Marnie Franklin stands, as they were consistent individual champions over several years, having fought many times winning Gold, Silver & Bronze awards as well as being declared champion.

During 1995 WKKF did not cut ties or deregister AKA as this affiliation continued between Hisataka Masayuki and his direct student Scott Brown. As Jim previously detailed in another post, the Australian Koshiki Association is still the only incorporated association. There was no transfer. Scott continued to support his teacher (Masayuki Hisataka) and to this day remains a loyal/financial member of the Shorinjiryu Kenkokan honbu in Japan.

For further information regarding AKA maybe Jim Griffin can be of some assistance to your inquiry regarding any international affiliation.

This perhaps will be the last post for the year 2017. On behalf of everyone involved wishing you all Season’s Greetings. We look forward to your post during 2018.

Chris Green
16th December 2017, 09:26
Hi Matt

Following your post above, I have since been given a copy of a letter from 1995 which stated that WKKF no longer recognised AKA and removed any affiliation and / or authority for AKA to act as the Australian representative of WKKF. This letter is personally signed and dated by Hanshi Hisataka. Hisataka also requested that a new association be created by Scott Brown and Pat McKean. So whilst I agree that the connection between Scott Brown and Hisataka continued, it must have been via a new organisation.

With regards to the numbers competing at the Koshiki tournaments run by Mr Pat McKean, I was directly referring to Jim Griffin's comments that they were not effective. They were very effective and were attended by Scott Brown, Ian Pollet, Nigel Mcreaddie, Jeff Triash, Nick King, Kim McCrae and the connection to Hanshi Hisataka continued as you mentioned. These were not private club tournaments as you stated above, but a well-organised calendar featuring State and National Titles organised by a committee of the abovenmentioned individuals. Each year the venues were rotated and we used to travel and compete in all these events.

With respect, I am happy to give the subject of Pat McKean a rest. However, if people wish to make false statements and innuendos as I have read in previous posts on this site, they must be made accountable.

AKA was the original association and we should all respect that. Now that I have the proof that WKKF did sever ties with AKA back in 1995, I hope that brings an end to the issue. I think the new association was called NSW Koshiki Inc or WKKF (New South Wales Branch) Inc. but again my memory fails me.

I tried to look up the original AKA but they have since been deregistered and no longer exist. Maybe Jim Griffin can clarify this ??

Thank you

23rd December 2017, 02:45
Thank you Chris for clarifying the WKKF and AKA current position with your letter signed by Masayuki Hisataka from 1995. Do you know the new Koshiki Association name created by Pat McKean and Scott Brown, and is it still active? Does Australia Koshiki via WKKF at this stage have a written body of principles governed by a committee in a legal form? Is the NSW Koshiki Inc. or WKKF (NSW Branch) Inc. governed by a committee in a legal sense?

We appreciate the clarification you provided regarding the Koshiki tournaments run by Scott Brown, Pat McKean, Ian Pollet, Nigel McReaddie, Jeff Traish, Nick King & Kim McCrae between 1995 and 2000 as being official state or national koshiki tournaments. Scott Brown was the Vice Chairman of WKKF, but resigned his position in 2014 to focus on his studies of Shorinjiryu Kenkokan Karate via the Japan Honbu.

Please let us know of any false or misleading statements or innuendo in the previous posts, and who they are directed at, so it can be followed up with those that provided the information. Unfortunately not all contributors to this forum are sure of their facts (I’m just a messenger).
Thank you for bringing the end to the issue re AKA and WKKF.

Ok everyone, let’s get back to what this forum is about regarding Koshiki history in Australia, its pioneers, noteworthy champions, administration officials, and competitors are welcomed in this sub forum.

10th June 2018, 10:55
Hello all,

It has been fascinating to log in again and read through the new contributions to this forum. Its good to see that its receiving so much attention. I apologise for my absence from the discussion but, as his last active student, I am happy to provide more clarity around the competition, and greater martial history of Scott Brown Sensei as has been previously requested by Chris Green and Matt White. This may end up being a bit of an essay, I warn readers in advance..

Scott Browns most notable competition participation started in 1979 where he first started representing the Australian branch of Shorinjiryu Kenkokan Karatedo in sport Karate formats. One such instance was his participation at the (forgive my probably incorrect spelling) Shinjukyu Taikai Sport Karate tournament held in Brisbane where he was unfortunately disqualified for excessive contact via Hook kick (one of his favourite and most formidable techniques).

In 1980 this became less of problem with his participation in some of the first Koshiki format competitions held under the WKKF with the new Anzen Bogu equipment. The Inaugural WKKF World Championships was held in Japan, 1980, however, to Scott's great disappointment, he was not able to compete after having lost a number of his toes in an accident just prior leaving him to injured to fight. With time to rehabilitate this injury though, he quickly returned to Koshiki competition on both a National and International scale.

The Brisbane 1982 Australian Championships saw him claim 2nd place in a stacked heavyweight division losing a heated bout to his contemporary and good friend Phill Hooper. This tournament would be the proving ground to formulate the Australian competition team that would represent the country at the 2nd WKKF World Championships in Tokyo Japan.

The Australian team selected to compete at this World Championships consisted of Phill Hooper, Scott Brown, and Gordan Kliese. They would subsequently make history as they were the first Australian Karate team to win a World Karate Championships in any format internationally. All fighters won their respective bouts earning them the status of "World Champions", among the first in Koshiki competition history. In the individual Kumite, Scott placed in the quarter finals losing to the crowned World Champion from Holland, Kono (full name is unknown at this time).

Scott would compete internationally twice more in 1985 placing in the quarter finals of huge heavyweight divisions at the WKKF All Japan Championships and then again at the WKKF World Championships held in Brisbane where he managed redemption against his friend and rival, Phill Hooper, besting him in another intense fight. He placed 2nd overall in the Heavyweight division. He would again however, cement his status as a world class Karate athlete claiming 1st place (World Champion) in the Kata division.

In 1989 Scott traveled with the Australian team representing SKK in Irvine, California at the USKA Grand National tournament. He again rose among the finalists in massive divisions eventually losing a close battle to Mike Ayward by 1 point.

During and after 1989 Scott Brown became one of the foremost senior referee for the WKKF where he officiated many other world championship fights including one of the All Japan Championships in Fukushima all the way to the International World Championships in Canada where he refereed my fight for 1st place (World Champion).

He was integral to the development of WKKF Koshiki internationally, heading teams to demonstrate and compete in prospective countries such as Malaysia and Indonesia. He was the innovation behind the shape, and much of the design of the WKKF badge. He was a founding member of the WKKF serving as a Vice President for over 2 decades. He lead the Australian team to the 2004 World Championships in Greece by which time he had established himself as a senior teacher in the tradition of SKK and had hundreds of students training under him in Australia.

Regarding the establishment of the Australian branch of the Koshiki organisation affiliated with the WKKF, as has been stated previously, Phill Hooper was an original leader who eventually resigned from the role in 1994. From the period members such as Warric O'Brien and Glen Stevenson, among others, were instrumental in leading the association for some time. This may be the organisation referred to as the AKA in previous posts. The leadership and demise or success of this organisation is unknown to me from this period onward. I became a direct student of Scott Brown in approximately 2010 when he headed the organisation the Australian Koshiki Karatedo Federation (AKKF) and was also the head of the Shorinjiryu Kenkokan Karatedo school in Australia directly under Hanshi Hisataka. At this time, senior members included Nigel McReaddie and Howard Sandars along with their senior students, Nick King and Rodney Fordham respectively, who were major contributors to the development of Australian Koshiki under the WKKF.

The AKKF experienced success up until 2014 when Scott Brown formally resigned after some years of issues pertaining to the direction of the organisation. I am unaware of the condition of the organisation now except to say that Howard Sandars has also resigned leaving Nigel McReaddie as the only possible leader for this organisation currently that I know of. The last AKKF sanctioned tournament under the leadership of Scott Brown was hosted by myself and my wife (then Kody-Leigh Brown), which was supported by teams lead by Nigel and Howard as well as a Japanese contingent lead by Shihan Masamitsu Kudaka.

Scott made an appeal to Masamitsu (the now leader of the WKKF) voicing his major concerns about the administration and governance of Koshiki in Australia. Feeling he had achieved no success with this effort, he made his final attempt to rectify major issues concerning Australian Koshiki to his teacher and then leader of the WKKF Hanshi Hisataka who also unfortunately did not support him during this time. This lead to Scott's resignation from the WKKF. His status as head of the Shorinjiryu Kenkokan Karatedo tradition in Australia is currently unknown as he has not formally left the Hombu dojo and has not received correspondence from the Hombu dojo regarding this matter. He commonly states that it is not possible to leave ones Ryu Ha. Shorinjiryu Kenkokan is in his blood. He is one of the lasting complete encyclopedias of SKK.

Scott's contribution to Australian Karate was not limited to the efforts lead by the WKKF however. In 1989, toward the end of his competition career, Scott put together a very strong team of Karate fighters, including himself, that would compete in the NMAL martial arts organisation. This organisation was one of the first precursors to "MMA" competition in Australia that included all styles of martial arts. Scott's team were the best of what Karate offered in this organisation and the team experienced great success in this format as well.

Notably among Scott's coaching achievements, he has managed to instill the fighting spirit in many of his students through training in Koshiki Karate who have gone on to compete in major MMA organisations such as the UFC and One FC. I am also continuing to compete in MMA under the guidance of Scott Brown. One of the greatest aspects of his competition career was the experience he culminated that served him in refereeing in the WKKF. One of the original underpinning philosophical points of the Koshiki competition system as inspired by Hanshi Histaka, was that all referees should have had a prolific resume of competition themselves, giving a unique perspective to officiate fights as a referee having once being a competitor themselves. My further personal point on this is that the true essence of martial arts practice is to become proficient as a fighter. That must remain the main drive behind these traditions. Those that contribute to these competition systems without having tasted victory and defeat within them are possibly not in a position to properly understand the true nature of combat sports.

Scott Brown would never claim to be the best fighter of his time, although I firmly believe, among the Karate proponents he was among the best. In fact, one of the moments in which he was guiding me before one of many competitions, he admitted to me that he used to experience so much nervousness before fighting, that he once threw up inside of his own helmet (men). It was insights like these where he would be bridge the gap between Master and student and was able to strongly identify with the emotions and feelings of his students like not many other teachers could.

Since 2014 he has stayed as active as ever developing both Shorinjiryu and Koshiki. Among his many initiatives, he co-leads the newly founded World Alliance of Shorinjiryu Karatedo with many founding seniors including, Hiroshi Hisataka, Michel Laurin, Olaf and Sandra Lotze-Leoni, Yukio Sakamoto, and Robin Campbell. He was honoured by Hanshi Patrick McCarthy, founder of the IRKRS, with the 9th degree black belt and the title of Hanshi for his continued contribution to all of Karate internationally. In addition, he was recently recognised by Hanshi Hiroshi Hisataka to the 8th degree black belt, title of Hanshi, under the newly formed Koshiki Organisation the Asia Koshiki Organisation (AKO) of which he is also a founding member and continued asset to its establishment as a referee and administrator.

He continues to train today in Shorinjiryu with myself and a select few students who commit to his teachings. In addition, he trains consistently with his very high level contemporary's among many disciplines including Phill Hinshelwood, Patrick McCarthy, Andrew Dickinson, Andrew Melito, Chirs Traish, Rolland Gill, and Hiroshi Hisataka. He enjoys well established friendships and continued martial arts relationships with Koshiki and Shorinjiryu schools internationally including association with Hanshi Shunji Watanabe, Hanshi Myron Lubitsch, Hanshi Michel Laurin, Shihan Neoh Then Hock, Hanshi Michel Kyrsin, and many more.

Please note that I have only listed some of the competitions of note in which Scott Brown participated. In addition to the listed above, he competed in many lower level competitions and across other competition formats with great success. A more complete biography of Scott Browns martial arts career can be obtained by contacting Phill Hinshelwood who published his biography in an addition of his Koryu newsletter which was written by his daughter Kody-Leigh Brechney. In addition, I have recently completed a hour and a half video interview with Hanshi Scott Brown which will posted to YouTube in the near future. I will post a link on this forum to that video when uploaded for those interested once it is available.

Grant Brechney

23rd June 2018, 05:04
Thank you Grant for your detailed reply to Post #25 of Chris Green regarding Scott Brown sensei's Karate & Koshiki experience. Agreed, a true Champion.
Matt White.

Chris Green
27th March 2019, 01:06
"In 1989 Scott traveled with the Australian team representing SKK in Irvine, California at the USKA Grand National tournament. He again rose among the finalists in massive divisions eventually losing a close battle to Mike Ayward by 1 point. "

There must be a mistake here. Robert Trias died in 1989 and there was Grand National tournament in California that year.

1st April 2019, 05:06
11113 2013 Oceania Koshiki Karate World Cup.

9th April 2019, 05:14
Correct. It was a typographical error. Should have read 1987.

Chris Green
15th April 2019, 10:22
Okay, because Masamitsu Kudaka / Hisataka is also claiming to be World Champion from the same 1989 tournament, which didn't happen. So did they both make the same mistake?
Anyway, I was recently talking to the Koshiki referee from the 1987 tournament, who recalls Scott Brown being absolutely pummelled in the 1st round by "Mike Awad", Grant got the spelling wrong there too. And that the Koshiki divisions were a very small group.
First place was Michel Laurin, 2nd place was Raynald Campbell

With regards to all references to AKKF, unless there is another AKKF organisation I am unaware of, I believe that Hanshi Pat McKean is and always has been the main Director and shareholder. Any tournaments claiming to be AKKF sanctioned might be in breach of using this name without his permission.

24th May 2019, 02:13
Not much is know about Masamitsu Hisataka/Kudaka’s tournament record and I'd assume Masamitsu would have been a very young boy back in 1989. This forum subject takes an interest in all matters of fact regarding Koshiki history in Australia and its pioneers, noteworthy Champions, administration officials and competitors. Either way a mistake occurred with the date, and mistakes will happen on occasions.

The report received stated Scott Brown lost by 1 or 2 wazari’s and recalls the reverse punch to his jaw (pummelled) from his opponent Mike Award, and he had a sore jaw for several months after the tournament. Perhaps you should ask Pat McKean about the match as he was coaching Scott Brown from the side line to execute a foot sweep/lunge punch which proved to be successful.

Grant stated in a previous post, “Scott Brown would never claim to be the best fighter of his time, although I firmly believe, among the Karate proponents he was among the best. In fact, one of the moments in which he was guiding me before one of many competitions, he admitted to me that he used to experience so much nervousness before fighting, that he once threw up inside of his own helmet (men). It was insights like these where he would be bridge the gap between Master and student and was able to strongly identify with the emotions and feelings of his students like not many other teachers could.”

So it is a fact the Australians/Team lost at this 1987 tournament, and yes the Canadians were nearly unbeatable in the early years. None of the Australian Team including Phil Hooper, Scott Brown, Chris Kleise, Pat McKean and a few others won any world title in 1987 USA Koshiki Tournament (30 competitors from USA, Canada, Australia, Japan).

As stated by Australian Koshiki pioneer Kyoshi Jim Griffin, AKA is still the only incorporated Koshiki association in Australia. Agreed there are many karate groups in Australia using anzen bogu and koshiki rules in their competition system, however these groups are not members of the Australian Koshiki Association.

Perhaps Nigel McReaddie can assist your inquiry regarding AKKF as Nigel has had a close relationship with Masayuki Hisataka & has been the leader of Koshiki in Australia for some years along with his associates Nick King (Jinryukan), Andrew Riley (Kenkokan) & Clint Chaffey (Shoreikan).

My colleague & I are hoping to attend the Brisbane Koshiki tournament on 1st and 2nd of June at New Farm State school and make a report of the competition for this forum. Apparently it is shaping up to be a classic battle between NSW and QLD like the early days of AKA led by Team Captains Scott Brown & Phil Hooper under the leadership of Lori Vanniekerk. Good luck to all competitors, Referee’s and Judges!

24th May 2019, 04:41
Some wonderful news just arrived. Jim Griffin from Queensland was promoted to 8th Dan and Leslie Griffin to 7th Dan on the 18th May 2019 by Hanshi Myron M. Lubitsch of the USA. Both Jim & Leslie were heavily involved in AKA (Koshiki) in Australia from its inception. Myron Hanshi run a large Shorinjiryu Karatedo dojo in New York USA. Jim is considered a pioneer of Koshiki in Australia under its founder Lori Vanniekerk. Jim in conjunction with Max Estens head the Shorinjiryu Koshinkai Karate/Anzen Bogu in Australia. Congratulations Jim & Leslie. Shorinjiryu/Koshiki at its best.

3rd June 2019, 02:56
Happy to report that a new generation led Koshiki Karate tournament was held at the New Farm State School, Brisbane Australia on the 2nd June 2019. The event was hosted by Andrew Riley 6th Dan Koshiki Karate. Special guest was Masamitsu Kudaka 8th Dan Shorinjiryu Karate, the son of the WKKF Founder Masayuki Hisataka 10th Dan, and Jim Griffin 8th Dan Shorinjiryu Karate & pioneer of Koshiki in Australia was also present at the event.

On Saturday the 1st June a Koshiki Karate workshop was led by Masamitsu Kudaka to bring all competitors and officials up to date with the current rules and regulations of the Koshiki sport system.

Other officials present at the tournament were Lesley Griffin 7th Dan Shorinjiryu Karate, former World Koshiki Karate Champion & Koshiki pioneer Graeme Bowden 6th Dan Shorinjiryu Karate, Nick King 6th Dan Koshiki Karate and Scott Chaffey 6th Dan Shoreikan Karate who was also presented his 6th Dan Koshiki Karate by Masamitsu Kudaka.

Congratulations Andrew Riley for your great effort in organising the event and the success it achieved.

9th August 2019, 03:22
On the 11 August 2019 a SUPER KARATEDO WGP koshiki seminar/tournament will be held in Okinawa. A few Australians will be attending this event and we wish them all well with training & competition. A detailed report will be submitted following the event.

11th August 2019, 07:32
Thirteen members from around Australia were selected in the Australia Team to compete at a Koshiki Tournament at the Okinawa Prefecture Karate Do Kaikan in Okinawa yesterday. The Tournament was called the World Koshiki Contact Grand Prix organised by Masayuki Hisataka and Masamitsu Kudaka. Saturday consisted of a refereeing seminar for all senior members. Eleven countries from around the globe attended the tournament. News just in states Australia took 1st place in the men’s heavy weight division, 1st and 3rd place in the senior kata, as well as a 2nd place in a junior division kata. Congratulation to all.

24th August 2019, 06:35
There was some discussion on FB recently regarding WKKF (Koshiki) being a style or a competition system posted by Nigel McReddie sensei a WKKF 7th Dan. Outside the WKKF Nigel sensei is an 8th Dan Karate.

The comments touched on the past 35 years of WKKF. A number of people including former World Champion Graeme Bowden made some comments which were deleted from the forum.

Nigel sensei stated the WKKF athletes have grown exponentially in technical skills such as kata & kumite. If Nigel sensei was comparing the past champions to the present champions, I’m sure former champions will disagree with his comment.

The WKKF tournaments are much smaller these days compared with the early 80’s & 90’s. It would also be interesting to hear what the thesis research and study requirements are in a competition system such as WKKF. WKKF is not Budo.

Nigel’s comment regarding the WKKF being founded by a samurai Hisataka Masayuki is ludicrous. The era of the samurai ended in 1868 and karateka are not, and was not samurai.

We are certain the WKKF 8th Dan’s around the world would understand the difference between WKKF & traditional budo karate. Dan recognition in WKKF is not budo specific.

We’re sure there has been some misunderstanding of words regarding Nigel sensei’s post and perhaps this will be raised with him by his teachers for clarification.

26th October 2021, 06:19
Let's put all this in to perspective. One matter which has come to our attention over the past several months is misleading or false statements and comments. There seems to be a particular way of thought regarding Koshiki Dan recognition which need to be addressed.

Are you for example a true 5th dan in a traditional karate and/or a 7th dan in Koshiki. There is a huge difference. If you are referring to your true traditional karate style you should not use your 7th dan Koshiki grade. By doing so is a false or misleading statement or comment.

By all means use your 7th dan Koshiki recognition when on that subject. Don't appear to be a false pretender. make the necessary adjustments. :)

24th February 2022, 10:26

Since the founding of Shorinjiryu Kenkokan Karatedo many thousands of practitioners have earned black belt degrees. All can not be listed within this brief list. Nonetheless, this list represents black belt holders of 3rd degree and above who are considered in good standing. Non-Japanese practitioners who have studied directly with the Hombu and have achieved ranking at the Hombu are also listed under “Japan” as well as their native location.


ROKUDAN RENSHI (6th Degree Red & White Belt)
Shihan Laurence VANIKERK
Shihan Scott BROWN
Shihan Masaaki ENOMOTO

GODAN KENGO (5th Degree Black Belt)
Shihan Philip HOOPER
Shihan Shaun O’LEARY
Shihan Pat McKEAN
Shihan Pierre INGRASSIA
Shihan Andrew RILEY

YONDAN KENSHI (4th Degree Black Belt)
Shihan Richard BRAYANT
Shihan Chris KLIESE
Shihan Gram BERDEN
Shihan Nigel McREADDIE
Shihan Nick KING

21st November 2022, 04:59
Koshiki Karate update......congratulations to Peter Caddey of Inverell on achieving his 6th Dan Koshiki Renshi from Nick King.
Peter wrote....

"The proudest moment of my life occurred today when this man wrapped a red and white belt around my waist.
Thank you Kyoshi Nick King for granting me the privilege of grading to my 6th Degree Black Belt. You are an inspiration to us all.
Thank you to Hanshi Hisataka and Hanshi Masamitsu for accepting my nomination from Kyoshi Nick to be graded to International Renshi, Roku-Dan from Japan.
This grade has direct linage to the ancient Samurai and I am completely honoured, humbled and grateful for my grade. I will continue to support Koshiki and your family into the future. To have you with us was appreciated beyond words.
Congratulations to everyone who graded today. It was an incredible day for the Dojo and I know you have done Kyoshi Nick and yourselves proud.
Thank you also to Mayor Paul Harmon and his lovely wife Anna who took the time to join us for this momentous event for Inverell. To have so many students awarded international recognition is incredible and I thank you for being part of it.
I look forward to continuing my journey on the mat and could not have a teacher with more passion, understanding, knowledge, dedication, talent and spirit than Kyoshi Nick King. It is an honour to share the mat and train with you. Inverell doesn't know how lucky it is.
Thank you to my beautiful family for coming to watch and support me as you always do, without hesitation. I love you dearly xx"