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Kit LeBlanc
4th April 2001, 19:50

Neil Yamamoto is my sake-sensei now and clued me in on Momokawa. Cracked a bottle of Momokawa yuzu (mmmm, citrus-y) and I wonder how long it keeps for? How long SHOULD you keep it for?


Neil Yamamoto
4th April 2001, 21:35
I find it kind of unusual that on a martial arts forum all I contribute of value is knowledge of alcohol.

Premium sake is like a good bottle of wine, it does not age well once opened. Most people recommend keeping it in a cool dark place and finishing it within 2-3 days of opening. The oxidation will change the sake flavors.

I'm not a real sake drinker anymore, but if I happen to have an open bottle, I cork it up and keep it in the fridge. The flavors will change and not for the better usually. But given most of my friends who can't tell anyway, they slurp it down and seem to enjoy it still. If it's still not gone in a couple weeks, I dump it.

If it's the low end stuff that you heat up, heck, it makes no difference new or 3 months old, it still tastes the same heated up. If it's old - I don't really recommend this unless you don't like the people you are serving it to - add a small sprinkle of table sugar to it before heating. If it's people you like, open a new bottle and use the old stuff for cooking.

5th April 2001, 08:48
Unlike Yamamoto-san I will gladly contribute to ones quest for alcohol knowledge :) .

Neil has it pretty pegged down. Once any wine is uncorked it starts losing it qualities and characteristics. Sake uncorked does not keep well at all.
My advise is very the amount of sake you buy to fit the occasion, (ie if you know you will go through a whole 2Ltr bottle buy a 2Ltr bottle if not buy something smaller, if it is available)

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Neil Yamamoto
5th April 2001, 09:11
Hey Asia,

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It's always nice to have more people posting, but you need to post your real name. Rules of the forum. Keeps everyone honest and helps to make it more personable.

Hope to see more of you here!

5th April 2001, 17:27
I will remember that. Thanks for the warm welcome.

-LeTerian Bradley